Elastic yarn


Yarn and cloth need to be supple. Which is why adequate climate control is particularly essential in production halls in the textile industry. A constant air humidity will secure manufacturing productivity and the quality of the materials.  Because if the ambient air is too dry, the textile will contract and the yarn will quickly become brittle. Trotec’s evaporation humidifiers are the ideal way of preventing this from happening. For these top quality, modern units guarantee an ideal production climate.

Every day, knitting machines produce cloth by the ton. The raw materials are made up into fabrics in a fully automated process. Spools and textile rollers work hand-in-hand, as it were, to produce metres and metres of cloth. This efficient process should be interrupted as infrequently as possible. Because if the machines come to a halt faults can creep into the weave. And downtime also means financial loss, of course.
Maintaining a precise air humidity is vital if operations are to flow smoothly. This is because when there is too little humidity, yarn and cloth can dry out and become brittle, especially if they contain synthetic materials. Moreover, they also build up static charging during the process. This separates the fibres, which adhere to machine components and become extremely difficult to work. Warp breaks often bring production to a halt. And poorly woven textiles mean the business suffers financially.

Consistent quality

Prevent these defects and ensure the humidity in your plant is precise and constant. Trotec’s evaporation humidifiers will help you do this, as they guarantee that quality will remain consistent and that the machines will perform to their best. Ideal for deployment in production halls is the B 400 humidifier – a particularly high-performance disc humidifier. This tough all-rounder sucks in the ambient air and directs it via a humidification drum. This rotates through a water quench, where the sucked-in air is enriched with moisture and then emitted back into the ambient air. The process involves no condensation, of course.
You simply input the humidity value you require, and the fully automatic B 400 works to make your fabric top quality. The robust housing shows that you have a powerful, durable partner by your side in the B 400. It is made of powder-coated steel plate so it is resistant to difficult conditions.

The benefits to you

  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator
  • The rotating evaporation fleece cleans and humidifies the air
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel
  • Economical and low-maintenance application

You can get this powerful humidifier, giving you uninterrupted production and top fabric quality, from Trotec’s online shop, now, at a reduced price. The B 400 is available now for just £146.51.

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