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Aromatic, freshly baked goods can quickly suffer if the production area is too humid. When pastries and crispbreads are being made, the wrong environment can spoil whole batches of goods. If this is not to occur, and your products are to be packaged in a fresh, crisp condition, you should definitely use a professional air dehumidifier. One of Trotec’s professional DH series dryers will ensure optimal production conditions in your plant.

When you bite into a crispbread, you want it to be crisp and crunchy. Crispy baked goods go back a long way. And even though, nowadays, baking is no longer done by hand but in large bakeries, one thing remains the same. The popular pastries are baked and roasted twice, until they are dry and brittle. And close attention needs to be paid to ensuring the right ambient temperature and atmosphere when manufacturing and storing them. Because if the air in the production hall is too humid, the excellent quality of the crispy goods quickly vanishes. This applies, of course, to all sorts of dry biscuits and pastries. As soon as freshly baked goods come into contact with excess air humidity, they become damp and soften. So anyone not paying close attention will suffer a huge economic price. So take care and upgrade your climate control equipment. Trotec’s high-performance air dehumidifiers are there to help you, powerfully and reliably.

Absolutely dry production

Trotec’s DH series of industrial condensation dryersguarantee perfect air humidity control. They have a long service life, exceptionally good dehumidification performance and low operating costs. For they run on the condensation principle. And this is how it works. The dryers suck in the moist ambient air and cool it below its dew point. This condenses a large proportion of the air-bound moisture and extracts it from the air. The condensate is discharged and the dry, cool air is fed past the cooling block’s heating element. There, the air is warmed again by the released process energy, and it is fed back into the ambient air.

When it gets particularly warm

A particularly hot tip for drying in large bakeries is the DH 300 BH industrial condensation dryer. For it can deal reliably with dehumidification tasks even in work areas where the temperature may be up to 70 degrees C. The combination of a closed drying system and ease of use do a great job here and ensures that you will find it easy to operate. You benefit from a protective drying process – ideal for deployment in a large bakery! And the figures speak for themselves: the DH 300 BH industrial dehumidifier extracts up to 520 litres of moisture per day from ambient air. It also has a free blowing air volume of 5800 cubic metres per hour!

The benefits to you

  • Extremely high dehumidification performance
  • Product dryer for operating ranges of up to 70 degrees C
  • Anti-corrosion design
  • Integrated 9 kW electric heating
  • Can be retro-installed

Our industry service will help

Perhaps you want a dehumidification strategy for making and packing baked goods – one that will protect your products long term? The expert staff at the Trotec Industry Services look forward to the challenge. With their specialist knowledge, our staff are on hand with advice and assistance and will create the ideal strategy for your specific requirements. We will be happy to advise you!

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