NEW BZ15M thermohygrometer – for monitoring a healthy living climate

What many don’t know: In winter, the relative humidity of a 20 °C room should not exceed 40-50 % in order to avoid the growth of harmful mould. In cases like this, the humidity can be lowered through consistent airing, providing one is aware of the danger in the first place. From now on, the new BZ15M Living Climate Hygrometer will take care of it – it shows the optimal indoor climate values in an easy-to-read and understandable manner.

The BZ15M Living Climate Hygrometer shows the optimal indoor climate values such as ambient temperature and relative humidity relative to room temperature and time of year. Because the statement at the beginning regarding room temperature and humidity applies to the wintertime, whereas a higher humidity is allowed in summer. This context makes the BZ15M Living Climate Hygrometer  very easy to understand and is also especially easy to read, thanks to the special scale design with a colour gradient from light yellow to dark yellow when displaying the ambient temperature and relative humidity.

Furthermore, the measuring device has a practical, seasonal ventilation indicator which, when used consistently inside, prevents the growth of harmful mould. With that, the BZ15M hygrometer is perfect for quickly and simply controlling a healthy living climate in e.g. living rooms and bedrooms as well as offices, trainings rooms and meeting rooms.

Reading the climate values is this easy

Read the ambient temperature from the thermometer and determine the respective colour ranges:

  • Dark yellow for low heating 16-18 °C
  • Medium yellow for normal heating 18-22 °C
  • Light yellow for high heating 22-24 °C

On the external weather scale, you determine:

  • the winter with average temperatures below +5 °C
  • the autumn/spring with average temperatures of 5-15 °C

Now you can see the optimal target humidity for your living area by the colour on the external weather scale that corresponds to the ambient temperature.

Reading example

In winter, the relative humidity of a 20 °C room should not exceed 40-50 %. If this is the case, the humidity should be lowered through airing. The depiction of an open window on the dial of the BZ15M thermohygrometer represents so-called ‘shock ventilation’. The most effective airing time depending on the season is displayed in minutes.

How it works

The BZ15M thermohygrometer is equipped with high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ measuring mechanism which guarantees a measurement accuracy of ± 3 % within 20 to 100 % relative humidity without maintenance. Using this mechanism, the change in length of a specially pretreated synthetic fibre is measured, which expands when it is humid and constricts when it is dry. The change in length is converted into a rotary motion with a lever and axles and is conveyed by the needle. The hygrometer’s display can be easily corrected and calibrated by means of a zero point correction.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the high quality Made in Germany measuring mechanism
  • the special scale design with seasonal airing indicator for optimal climate values
  • the easy readability and interpretation
  • the inclusion of the calibration option

BZ15M thermohygrometer  – a designer measuring device from Trotec!

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