NEW Peltier dehumidifier from the TTP series

A Peltier dehumidifier from the TTP series will work anywhere where there is a plug socket nearby. Simply plug it in and switch it on and the drying process will begin. Due to their small space requirements and relatively small operating radius, these comfort-dehumidifiers are ideal for keeping small and heated rooms such as clothing and shoe cabinets, food storage chambers or small windowless sanitary facilities dry, which are otherwise difficult to ventilate.

With the ultra-compact TTP 1 E and TTP 2 E Peltier dehumidifiers, a impressive result can be achieved even in the smallest spaces. They are both about 2/3 the size of a shoebox – yet unlike a shoebox, these devices are equipped with an innovative thermoelectric technology that promises dry conditions at all times. Mini dehumidifiers free you from damp, musty room air and make breathing a pleasure. By the way, the two mini dehumidifiers only differ in their colouring – they are identical in their construction and, with a dehumidification performance of around 220 ml per day, keep smaller rooms of up to 5 m² reliably dry. The simple yet elegant design fits into any living and working environment.

With its dehumidification capacity of 300 ml per day, the TTP 5 E reliably keeps smaller rooms of up to 6 m², such as clothing and shoe cupboards or pantries, dry. The dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air at these sensitive humidity spots in the home, as well as in small windowless sanitary facilities, thus reducing condensation and preventing mould growth.

How it works

With this type of dehumidifier, a cold surface must be created inside the unit which has a temperature that is below the dew point of the air – this is the only way to get the water in the air to condense. This is achieved by the Peltier element, a compact thermoelectric transducer that makes one side of the element very hot and the other very cold when current flows through it.

The surrounding air is drawn in via a fan and led past the cold side of the Peltier element. Here, the air cools down below its dew point, its humidity condenses and drips into a collection tank. The dry air is then led past the hot element, where it absorbs its heat and flows back into the room as warm, dry air.

Further practical information on the subject of dehumidification, such as differences in equipment, functions and possible applications can be found here.

These devices are not only optimised to a high level of energy efficiency, but they are also very quiet and therefore won’t disturb your sleep. In addition, the two TTP units also impress with their easy operation when in dehumidification mode: Plug it in, turn it on and voilà! An LED clearly shows whether the device is in operation and whether the water tank needs to be emptied. Each device will work until the sensor detects that the water tank is full, at which point the device will automatically switch itself off. As soon as the tank has been emptied, the device will automatically start working again.

The Peltier dehumidifier from the TTP series – innovative drying technology for small rooms

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