New! BD25 Laser Distance Meter – Laser precision up to 100 metres


Whatever happened to the days, when you had to waste your time under tables or in the most difficult corners with a yardstick and a ruler? They are over! Well and truly over! This is what all those people, who remember having sore knees and fumbling around with a ruler in their left hand and a pen and paper in their right hand, will say now – thanks to the ultimate BD25 Laser Distance Meter and its ability to measure with laser-precision in just a matter of seconds.

Here’s how it works

As each function and setting has its own button, the Laser Distance meter is really easy to use. For example, at a touch of a button you can determine distances up to 100 metres or calculate areas and volumes – even in places hard to reach. And all this with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm – ideal for calculating the amount of working materials needed, such as wall paint, parquet or tiles. In addition, the switchable illumination of the large multi-line display enables measurements in dark spaces, such as on construction sites. Especially at harsher requirements in this field, the robust measuring device is also dust- and splash-proof in accordance with IP54.

Four of many benefits, which I like the most:

  • the precise measuring of distances, areas and volumes in a matter of seconds
  • the pythagoras function for indirect measurements
  • the illuminated multi-line display
  • the direct soft-touch keys

BD25 – You’ll never need a yardstick again!

Instead of continuing to get yourself into a twist and maybe dislocating a shoulder or pulling a muscle, from now on measure at a touch of a button: with the new BD25 Laser Distance Meter for just €139.94 incl. VAT. – order now in our Trotec shop! The new Laser Distance Meter is ready for dispatch from calendar week 44.

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