Dehumidifiers TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S – available again now!

TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S

Sold out for quite some time, now available again: two of our most popular dehumidifiers are available again as of today – and at real bargain prices! Inform yourself now as to which of the two dehumidifiers meets your requirements best: Our model TTK 70 S with its compact design and laundry dehumidification function or our TTK 75 S, chosen for the sought-after product award “Best of 2014”. Or do you even need both? It’s your decision!

The particular advantages of the TTK 70 S

The TTK 70 S has been designed as a compact household aid for smaller workrooms and living rooms. Due to its compact design with a width of 18.5 cm only, it can be easily placed in niches and corners, ideal for wall cabinets or wardrobe closets. With its special dehumidification function, the device is an indispensable aid for laundry drying as it does not only provide for the quick drying of wet laundry but also dehumidifies carpets and rugs and also keeps your shoe racks dry.

The particular advantages of the TTK 75 S

With its successful design and ease of use, the TTK 75 S impressed the editorial team of “Heimwerker Praxis” so much that, in addition to the overall top mark of 1.3, they also selected it for the product award “Best of 2014”. Three examples for its excellent performance: the use of an energy-saving rotary compressor, the two-stage energy-saving dosing of the quantity of circulating air for the fine adjustment of the dehumidification capacity, and thirdly, the device only requires a wall distance of 20 cm and can thus be used with maximum flexibility.

These advantages are shared by both dehumidifiers

Both units feature a very convincing dehumidification performance of up to 24 litres daily in heated rooms with a size of up to 50 square metres. By means of their adjustable hygrostats they monitor continuously the relative humidity, automatically activates when the preset value is exceeded and switches off again automatically as soon as the required value has been reached, which again saves energy. Permanent operation is also possible, of course. In addition, the TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S both offer features for your extra comfort such as the useful timer function, practical filling level warning lamp and the automatic overflow protection. The dehumidifiers are also provided with an integrated separate hose connection for external condensate drain – the prerequisite for any unsupervised permanent drying use, for example in weekend cottages or on boats.

No matter which device you opt for …

You are always right with our two most popular dehumidifiers, particularly at these absolute bargain prices: The Dehumidifiers TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S are currently available at very low special prices – now in our Trotec-Shop.

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