The wallscanner BI15 detects cables, wood and metal in walls, floors and ceilings


Damages on your drilling machine and on walls or floors are from now on things of the past because the wallscanner BI15 is a multifunctional measuring instrument which detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as live cables and wood substructures under stucco, gypsum or concrete. To let you know where you can drill and which drill bit you must use.

When working with the drilling machine you won’t wanna miss the BI15 wallscanner ever again. Up to a depth of 38 mm the device reliably shows you if and where live cables, wood or metal are situated in walls, floors and ceilings. With the display of the edges you exactly determine the location of beams and braces. Even more precise results you can achieve with the selectable modes “metal” or “wood” because with that you optimally adapt the device to the materials to be located. With the adjustable laser levelling tool you furthermore can see the construction process or cable route. In combination with both integrated water levels this can also be used as an assembly aid with a range of up to 6 metres. Additionally the device warns you with an audiovisual alarm when noticing alternating current.

Besides the easy handling the BI15 wallscanner convinces with its optimum price-performance-ratio. At the moment the device costs only 44.95 Euro in the Trotec shop. You save 22 %.

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