Matured with certainty!

Industrial Condenser Dryers of the DH Series

The most essential factor in cheese production is getting optimal conditions for maturation. If the environment is too damp, the cheese will soon start to get mould. If the air is too dry, the cheese will dry out and maturation is slowed down considerably. You know better than anyone else which climate values which your cheeses need to develop a fine taste and achieve real quality.

This is where Trotec helps you in creating and continuously maintaining the optimal climate in your maturation room. To do this, the high-performance DH Series Dehumidifiers provide an environment with an optimally tuned and constant level of humidity.

Matured with certainty!

Cheese is considered one of the basic food stuffs in industrialised nations. In almost every German household you will find cheese –  be it hard or soft cheese, sliced or in blocks. In order to meet this great demand, production has to run flawlessly. The cheese maturation room deserves special attention. Because it is here that cheese spends the most time. Depending on cheese type, blocks and wheels are stored for weeks, months or years at a time. Alongside hygiene, there is one vital factor in making sure that nothing goes wrong in this particularly important phase of cheese production: a precisely tuned and stable climate in the maturation rooms. This applies just as much to small family businesses as it does to industrial cheese production. This is because temperature fluctuations and drops in air humidity can have severe consequences: an increase in spoiled products or even a standstill in production.

With cheese please? Prolonged dehumidification

Mould? No thank you!  Dried out blocks of cheese can also pose a threat to sales. Dehumidifiers in maturation rooms are an absolute must for ensuring that your cheese reaches the desired maturity and offers the best quality. The stationary industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s  DH Series provide the maturing room with a reliable climate – for protecting you your product.

The advantages:

  • optimal humidity control, even at low temperatures
  • customisable to the best climate for maturation
  • reliable operation without additional fresh air supply
  • low operating costs
  • space-saving installation on walls or ceilings

For monitoring

To make sure that everything is just right during the sensitive maturation process, you should check the climate in the store rooms regularly. The DL 200 Data Logger from Trotec provides you with tamper-proof long-term measurements of different measurement values. You can simultaneously measure the temperature, dew point and air humidity and record the values – easy, fast and reliable with the Climate Data Logger DL200H, for example.

Expert competency

Would you like a consultation on selecting the right model for your business? No problem! Trust in the reliability of Trotec-industrial services. Our experts are ready to advise and assist you. Happy to help by phone or on site.


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