IDE 20 D Oil-Fired Heater – now available for order

IDE 20 D Oil Fired Direct Heater

Sold out! Back again! Sold out again! And back again! It’s true: with the minus temperatures over the last few weeks, we are down to double-figure numbers of our small oil heater! Whoever feels its heat  loves this heater! That’s why Trotec can barely keep up with orders! But here it is: compact, hand-held, mobile: the IDE 20 D oil heater. It makes frosty building sites, ice-cold storage spaces and deep-frozen halls warm in a jiffy.

This is how it works

Save on heating without cutting heat output levels? Yes, its possible! – the IDE 20 D uses only around 1.2 litres of oil an hour at a heat output level of 20 kW. This budget-friendly solution is founded on rock solid technology. You control the temperature setting with the integrated thermostat as required. Or you can attach an external thermostat – with an optional 25 metre cable also available – if the oil heater fan isn’t going to be set up next to or near the area to be heated.

Fuel is supplied via a compressor, and the remaining available amount can be easily read from the tank level indicator. Furthermore, this oil heater holds up against bitter weather conditions and is especially suitable for outdoor use with its durable housing made from double-coated material, including cable reel and fuel tank.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • particularly economical solution for standard oil heating
  • integrated fuel tank with tank level indicator
  • electronic flame safeguard
  • protection against overheating

Outwit winter with our wonderful offers!

It’s easy: order the IDE 20 D oil heater fan today for the introductory price of only £ 154.77 incl. VAT instead of £ 271.74. – available now in our Trotec shop!

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