Fresh water for a clear head

Fresh water for a clear head

Excessive drinking of alcohol destroys a person’s health Organs are damaged and high levels of alcohol consumption also leads to other diseases. That’s something we all know. However, a small glass of wine, champagne or beer in the evening is nothing to be objected to. Nor is a second glass if a celebration is being held.

However, anyone who has ever drunk a glass too many knows the consequences and fears them. On mornings like this, an extra serving of salt and, more than anything else, lots of healthy water help against headaches and nausea –  water best kept with a SecoSan-stick from Trotec.

Fresh water for a clear head

Although many experts have recently been warning against even moderate drinking of alcohol – there are still some celebrations where you might not want to limit yourself to just cola and lemonade. For many people a glass of champagne is simply a part of New Year’s Eve. When meeting friends at a cocktail bar, a Caipirinha and a tall drink also taste especially good. And at a romantic dinner too, many people expect to see a bottle of red wine on the table. But when we drink one drink too many, what can we do to protect ourselves from headaches, nausea and dizziness the next morning?

Water reduces the effects

Alcohol deprives the body of important substances. Increased levels of salts and water are excreted, which later leads to physical pain. Therefore, experts advise that even before the celebration at which you are going to drink alcohol, you should eat plenty of food. With a full stomach, it is possible to better absorb and process alcohol. In addition, you should also drink enough water both before and during the party. As a general rule: For every alcoholic drink, you should drink a large glass of water. This reduces headaches substantially.
Another tip is:  If you don’t want to wake up with a hangover in the morning, you should definitely drink a large glass of water and also consume some salt before going to sleep. Half a teaspoon of salt at bedtime can work wonders! Of course, its not to everyone’s taste to drink salt water or put pure salt into their mouths before gulping it down. It is enough, however, to sprinkle a pinch onto a slice of tomato, cucumber or a hard-boiled egg and eat it. A few salty pretzel sticks can also help prevent headaches in the morning.

Water as a bedtime treat

To prepare yourself for a hangover-free morning when going to bed, you should drink at least two large glasses of water. And also have a bottle of water on your bedside table. This is a must in case you are bothered by thirst in the  night. SecoSan water is ideally suited for supplying fresh water for your body and for your well-being. Fill a bottle or large glass with enough tap water and a SecoSan stick before the party and leave it in your bedroom.  Then when you get home and fall sleepily into bed, the pure, fresh refreshment is already waiting for you. In this way, you’ll always have refreshing water nearby throughout the night. And the next morning you can enjoy some refreshing water before getting up.

Order fast and conveniently – in the Trotec online shop

The SecoSan stick is a small silver ion storage unit. The silver ions enclose bacteria within the water and prevent them from multiplying. If you own a SecoSan stick, you can use it effectively for half a year – regardless of how often water is refilled. The SecoSan stick is only available in the Trotec online shop. Here you will find  not only the smallest model of the SecoSan stick, which can reliably clean up to 0.7 litres of water and keep it germ-free, but also other sizes, like the SecoSan stick 2 for a two-litre water supply, or the SecoSan stick 10 for ten litres of permanently fresh water. View our special discount offers. For example, for €9.95 you can get three size 1 SecoSan sticks or two sticks in size 2.

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