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Any company connected to a data centre depends on smoothly functioning technology. This does not just mean that connections must be uninterrupted. The IT equipment, too, has to be in perfect condition. To ensure this is the case, server rooms need top quality climate control, especially if the air is extremely dry. In particular, for the operator, this means that the air humidity needs to remain constant. With Trotec’s humidifiers you will keep the air in your server rooms adequately moist, so that dust and static electricity have very little opportunity to interfere with the equipment. If things need to run smoothly in data centres and server rooms, and over long periods of time, Trotec will be your dependable partner.

Sensitive, cost-intensive technical equipment is at the heart of any server room or data centre. And it needs to be permanently available because, after all, it stores the entire data inventory of one or more companies. And it is precisely because the equipment there is in constant use that a great deal of heat is generated in those areas. The electrical energy that is used up is converted into heat.  However, ultimately, how hot it is in the server room or data centre depends on the size of the area, the number of machines in use, and the ventilation. But even if heat generation is kept in check by an integrated climate control system, one problem remains – an air humidity level which is far too low.

The enemy of IT equipment

Technical equipment in a server room has two major enemies. Firstly there is the dust – the drier the air is, the more it is drawn to the machines. Secondly there is the static electricity which tends to be generated when humidity levels are too low. A simple principle is at play here: the lower the humidity, the more static there will be. Even tiny static charges can damage components in data centres and server rooms. And this can cause software to be lost, data to be incorrectly stored and even total failures. If you are a service provider or company that depends on this technology to function smoothly, you can permit neither damaged IT equipment nor a total failure. You know that. Which is why you do not just need to maintain the equipment regularly and ensure it is well designed. With a suitable climate control system and, particularly, well-controlled humidity levels, you will look after your company’s heart-beat and enable operations to flow reliably and with no interruptions.

Protection against static electricity

So protecting against static electricity is the alpha and omega in terms of improving performance and maintaining your IT equipment. And you can ensure this is done by keeping the humidity in the server room at around 50 percent. For in this area the conductivity of the air and the surfaces of the equipment is so elevated that static charges can be dissipated easily. There is then no longer any risk of harmful discharges. Another benefit: when charges are constantly being dissipated dust, too, then ceases to pose a problem in server rooms. Another positive effect of systematically humidifying the air in server rooms is evaporative cooling. The cold water blown out by the humidifier is promptly absorbed into the ambient air, producing an evaporative cooling effect. This, in turn, saves energy because, depending on the size of the room and the number of machines, the additional air conditioning can be turned down.

Reliable humidification

Trotec’s mobile evaporation humidifiers provide constant, reliable humidification. They can be put to use whenever there is a need for optimal humidity levels in data centres and server rooms. The risk of system faults and incorrect data storage is averted at the push of a button. Trotec has various models available which will take care of controlling humidity in large rooms or small rooms, equipped with fewer or more technical components. All the models are hygrostat-controlled disc humidifiers which direct the sucked-in air via a humidification drum. This has an evaporation fleece and turns through a water quench. As it constantly rotates, the air is enriched with moisture. It is then blown out – without causing any precipitation, of course. At the same time, dust and other suspended particles are cleaned from the air.

The power pack

The ideal partner for reliably humidifying the air in large server rooms and data centres is Trotec’s B 400 humidifier, which provides outstanding performance. This professional disc humidifier combines high evaporation performance with economical, continuous operation in an exceptionally sturdy metal housing. It enriches up to 800 cubic metres of air per hour with humidity. Its fan with two settings, automatic shut-down and many other performance features make it a truly professional piece of equipment in the field of humidification.

The benefits of the B 400 humidifier

  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator plus status displays
  • Rotating evaporation fleece reliably humidifies the indoor air and cleans it of dust
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Adjustable outlet grille
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel

When your need is less: a tip

It is not only in large companies that IT equipment is crucial and needs to be looked after with particular care. IT components and electrical equipment in smaller environments also need to be protected against static electricity and dust deposits. For these small areas, for example in the printer room of an office or a small switching centre, Trotec’s AW-S series air washers are ideal. Both the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S suck in the air from the room and drive it past rotating humidifying discs, where it is enriched with moisture. With their compact design, these models can be set up in small corners and on side tables to save space.

The benefits of the AW-S series of air washers

  • 3-in-1 combined device with odour removal, air cleaning and humidification
  • Relative air humidity display
  • Plasma generator for eliminating odours and harmful substances in the air in the room
  • Various operating modes plus whisper-quiet Night Mode
  • Large water tank (9 litres) for long-term, maintenance-free use
  • Can be used with tap water – expensive, distilled water not needed
  • Variable blow control adjusts to suit room size
  • Plasma function for eliminating odours

Other benefits that the AW 20 S offers:

  • Intelligent combined sensor for simultaneously measuring humidity and air quality enables energy saving automatic operation
  • The replaceable pre-filter reliably frees the air of coarse house dust or animal hairs
  • HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air cleaning efficiency: The HEPA filter filters out fine particles like pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, coarse dust and fine dust
  • 3-step indicator displays the air quality in the room (blue, yellow, red)

The right model for any need

Whether humidifying the air in large server rooms or in the small office back rooms, Trotec has all its humidifier and air washer models ready to order at fair prices in its online shop. Make your choice and order today. The B 400 humidifier is currently just £120.31 instead of £320.88. The AW 20 S air washer is currently available for £320.88 instead of £401.10.

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