NEW Energy cost meter BX09 – against energy wasters


Do you actually know which of your household appliances is the biggest electricity guzzler? Is it perhaps one of the appliances in your study where PC, Notebook, Wi-Fi router and printer consume more energy than you would like? Or perhaps it’s the television set? Now the guessing days are over: With the new energy cost meter BX09 you can save on high electricity bills, because it exposes the energy wasters. And with our DEAL offer you make yet more big savings …

The DEAL: order now and save over 46 %, even before you receive the Energy cost meter BX09 in week 06! After that the savings can really begin: Because with the extremely easy to-connect connection between plug socket and the electricity consumer that you want to test, the Energy cost meter immediately displays the current level of energy consumption.

This is how it works

The BX09 reliably provides the answer to your question, “how much does the energy cost that the electrical appliance in the office or at home uses”? The result can either be displayed as active power in watts, kWh, price or cost per kWh. And the best bit: With a minimum current indicator of 0.1 W the meter reveals even the smallest amount of energy being wasted, for example the secret energy consumer left on standby.

Four, out of the many, advantages that I particularly like:

  • how quick and easy it is to measure energy requirement
  • the electricity-use display in watts, kWh, price or cost per kWh
  • the great value for money
  • the minimum current indicator of 0.1 W

Take advantage of our latest attractive introductory offer

Get the perfect DEAL: Order the Energy cost meter BX09 now and save 46%. Instead of buying later and paying £12.20, order now to get it for just £8.12 incl. VAT – available now in the Trotec shop! And remember: the DEAL offer is only available until the end of week 06!

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