The TTK 69 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


The elegantly styled TTK 69 E dehumidifier brings class to any office or living room. Its top panel with piano finish look appeals not only to design enthusiasts, it will also please tech-savvy pragmatists with its wide range of equipment features. Following high demand it sold out, but now it’s back!

With a maximum dehumidification capacity of 20 litres, the TTK 69 E has convincing performance capabilities and reliably keeps living, recreational or basement rooms of up to 60 square metres dry. Using the three-level adjustable fan, it can be configured for any room requirement and, with its portable, mobile design, it can also easily be used in different rooms. And behind its top panel with piano finish look, virtually all the features of good reputation and distinction in the world of dehumidification technology can be found.

How it works

The TTK 69 E is delivered to you ready to use, fully fitted and with virtually every imaginable feature. This includes, for example, variable operation using an automatic hygrostat, a continuous operation mode, timer control, the extra silent mode, laundry drying mode, a filter cleaning display, a child lock, the drainage connection for continuous drying, the automatic electronic defrosting system and the washable air filter. To achieve the air humidity you require, simply enter the target value on the high-quality LCD display. The hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidifier takes care of the rest.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the laundry drying function
  • the hygrostat-controlled target humidity option
  • the automatic electronic defrosting system
  • the inbuilt display with piano finish look

Say “Yes” to our offer!

It’s best to order the TTK 69 E dehumidifier today, as you will save £80. Because instead of the list price of £216.57, you will pay just £136.35 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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