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Not everybody finds it pleasant when Mother Nature wakes up after the cold winter months. As the trees, shrubs and grass start to flower, so begins an ordeal for many allergy sufferers. Eyes smart, and mucous membranes are irritated.

Some people complain of sneezing and a  continuous runny nose, and they find it hard to breathe. Anyone wishing to protect themselves from airborne pollen within their own four walls, so that they can breathe easily and use the night hours to recover, really needs to have the right equipment at home. And  Trotec’s AirgoClean 105 S Comfort Air Cleaner is the ideal solution.

Breathe easily

Winter is followed by all the joys of springtime: warm temperatures, pleasant sunshine, and people breathing easily after the cold, damp months. Mother Nature is also waking up. The first flowers appear, shrubs bud, and trees start to bloom. But not everyone is thrilled by this. For millions of people suffer from hay fever. The release of pollen, often the cause of this unpleasant condition, usually begins in March and lasts until the autumn. The most common pollen allergy triggers are early bloomers, particularly birch, alder, hazel and different types of grass. Allergy sufferers who are particularly sensitive may also get hay fever during milder winter months. What a relief it is, then, to get indoors, shut the windows, and enjoy the clean air inside – you think!

An irritating, micro-fine nuisance

But how often does it happen that pollen wafts through the windows into the house when you are airing it. This micro-fine nuisance is really, hugely stubborn and it can travel up to hundreds of miles in dry, warm weather when the wind is favourable. It can penetrate the house and spread if the front door is opened even very briefly. And your clothing can also bring pollen into the home.
If you suffer from hay fever, you no doubt follow certain tips for keeping irritating pollen out of your home – particularly out of your bedroom, where you go to relax and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. For example not taking your street clothing into the bedroom, and washing your hair before going to bed. Where possible, you should keep an eye on pollen counts so that you only air your home when the count is very low.

Clean air

However, the easiest and most effective method of keeping your bedroom pollen-free is to use an air cleaner. With Trotec’s AirgoClean 105 S all you have to do is plug it into the mains, switch it on, and pollen and dust are outlawed in no time at all. Take the fight to the causes of your hay fever!
The AirgoClean 105 S provides top quality air even in large rooms. At the push of a button not only pollen but also dust, mildew spores and animal hairs, which can also trigger allergies, are filtered out of the air. Integrated sensors automatically determine how unclean the air is. You can either have the air cleaner operate fully automatically or control the setting of the three-stage fan manually. The package also includes a handy remote control. Thanks to the air cleaner’s quiet, energy-efficient operation you can use it round the clock at home so that you can benefit from fresh, clean air all the time. So your home, and your bedroom in particular, will become an oasis of well-being – particularly when the pollen count outside is at its worst.

The AirgoClean 105 S features

  • A particularly effective, two-stage room air filter system with activated carbon pre-filter and true HEPA filter
  • Special sensors that enable energy saving automatic operation
  • Air quality and filter change indicators that enable it to be used in a targeted way
  • Timer function and Sleep mode
  • Filters that can be changed quickly and easily
  • Excellent value for money
  • Keeps rooms of up to 30 square metres fresh and clean

Take action and do battle with airborne pollen today. The AirgoClean 105 S air cleaner is available at not £ 268.43 but at the sensational low price of just £ 135.30. You save half of the original price!

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