Drink yourself healthy!


Especially in the cold season, we come into contact with a lot of germs that can cause colds. More than anywhere else, the risk of infection is particularly high in places where lots of people gather. Door knobs, banknotes and other objects that are touched by a large number of people are common gathering places for pathogens. It is impossible to protect yourself completely from infections. Nonetheless, you can reduce your chances of catching a cold. And, if you do have a cold coming on, the progression of the sickness can be softened. How? With healthy nutrition and, more than anything else, by drinking lots of water! Water stored using a Trotec SecoSan stick is just the right remedy.

Drink yourself healthy!

Drinking plenty of water is the vital factor – especially in winter when colds pose a threat. This is because the warm heating air, which we are exposed to for many hours of the day, dries out the mucous membranes in our nose and throat areas. These mucous membranes usually provide us with a barrier against viruses and bacteria. However, these pathogens can spread most effectively once the mucous membranes have become dried out. By drinking lots, you assist this protective barrier. In addition, if we don’t excrete enough liquid, our blood becomes thicker. The body thus becomes susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Water – the best medicine

If the cold-causing germs have already succeeded in spreading through your system, you are afflicted by the typical symptoms of flue-like infections: Coughs, sniffs and headaches and aching limbs. These can often only be helped by medication. For chesty coughs, for example, doctors prescribe cough suppressant. Those suffering from persistent coughs are usually prescribed an expectorant. This is because the mucus that builds up in respiratory tracts becomes very painful and is infectious. Along with the medication prescribed by your doctor, sufficient intake of fluids is the best medicine. This is because with the water that you consume, the infectious, painful mucus is released and your mucous membranes can regenerate once again.

In addition to fresh, pure water, you can also drink unsweetened teas. Sweet soft drinks and fruit juices should be taboo because they lead to unnecessary sugar consumption.

Always ready

You can always rely on a SecoSan stick from Trotec as a preventative measure, in the event of sickness or at any other time. This ensures that you always have fresh, healthy water at home with which you can drink yourself back to good health. Any time and all the time! That’s because a SecoSan stick remains active for at least half a year and works to provide top water quality. How does it work? SecoSan functions according to the silver ion principle. The SecoSan that you leave in your water bottle detects the need for cleaning. It emits exactly as many silver ions into the water as are needed in order to enclose germs and bacteria, thus preventing them from multiplying. You can select the size of your SecoSan stick in the Trotec online shop according to how much water you want to keep fresh, clean and ready. Select the desired number and order easily online. You will receive your purifier for drinking water at home as quickly as possible!


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