Condensation at embarkation? No thanks!

DH series TTR series

As long as your chilled and frozen products are still in storage, everything is fine. The temperature is set and the goods are kept in a stable climate. But when it comes to transport, things get tricky. How can the prescribed temperature of the products be best maintained to ensure they are not damaged by condensation? Ultimately, this concerns large quantities that must first be loaded and stored in the transporters. A sophisticated climate conditioning system is a must to ensure the cold chain is not broken. To this end, Trotec offers various solutions to provide the appropriate dehumidification. A perfect example would be the closed drying systems from the DH range.

Refrigerated logistics is a sensitive area. Because, if the difference in temperature between the warehouse and the cold store or loading platform is too high, condensation will form. As a result of this, mist or even ice can develop. This in turn not only damages the products and their packaging, but also exposes staff to unpredictable hazards. So avoid the formation of condensation in refrigerated logistics and be prepared. The high-performance and hard-wearing industrial dehumidifiers from the Trotec DH range and TTR range are on-side to help protect against condensation, ensuring your products are of the best quality, consistently.

It really is this simple: before the goods are taken from the refrigerated warehouses and loaded into the transporters, air humidity must be reduced. This lowers the dew point, meaning condensation won’t stand a chance. With our dehumidifiers you get a made-to-measure solution for your logistics operations. Control the air humidity in the cold store or in the loading area to suit your specific requirements. Enter the target value for the optimum dew point and trust in Trotec’s innovative technology. We know what’s good for your products!

The industrial condensation dryers from the DH range and TTR range are professional solutions for stationary use in logistics. Find out for yourself:

  • A closed drying system works to ensure the quality of your goods
  • All devices provide a high dehumidification capacity
  • They meet the needs of all environments
  • The industrial dryers can be integrated into your existing logistics system at any time
  • Heat recovery and air heating using process heat reduces energy costs
  • We provide high-performance devices for mobile and stationary use

Are you wondering which device is right for your needs? Trust in the Trotec Industry Service’s air conditioning experts: Just call +49 2452 962-777. Our experts will visit your company and calculate your individual equipment requirements. Play it safe and trust in a made-to-measure drying solution. Our air conditioning experts will draw up a suitable concept with the help of mobile devices. The final solution will only be installed when the measured values show that the air humidity in your sensitive storage area is perfectly controlled.

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