Compact design and top performance

DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

At last! The waiting is over. Trotec’s new high-performance DH 25 S industrial dehumidifier is available. They are fresh off the production line and ready for delivery right now. It means that the Trotec Group’s range of industrial dehumidifiers has been supplemented by one more top quality, powerful model.

As the smallest in the DH S series of condenser dryers, the DH 25 S dehumidifies up to an impressive 40 litres per day. Yet it is extremely compact and great value. It’s just brilliant, this new model!

Compact design and top performance

It’s finally here – the compact, robust all-rounder of industrial dryers! Trotec’s DH 25 S is the most cost-effective solution for any drying task. In storage areas and production halls, it is a complete pro, tirelessly generating dry ambient air for sensitive stored goods and ensures that products, machinery and the building structure avoid any moisture-related damage.
The DH 25 S dehumidifier is not just a superbly well made, reliable model – it also boasts an amazingly good price-performance ratio. With a dehumidification capacity of up to 40 litres per day, it is idea for use in halls of up to 600 cubic metres.

Clever controls

The simple controls are exceptionally practical. With this DH 25 S industrial dryer, you can use the integrated hygrostat to pre-set target humidity values. You can also run it continuously and with no reference to humidity levels.  Damp air, mildew and rust are a thing of the past!

You see, this model combines top quality and the very best price-performance ratio. So the wait has finally paid off! Anyone who orders the DH 25 S now can get a really good DEAL, because the new model is available at a great price. Right now you can get the DH 25 S for £ 694.91 instead of £ 914.29 incl. VAT – in your Trotec shop, of course!

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