Meteorological start of summer – the best time for a change of climate

Meteorological start of summer

On June 1st, right on schedule, it will be summer at last. After the rainy days, the thermometer will climb to temperatures of up to 26 degrees in the South. But the North can also look forward to friendlier weather. And with the summery weather, the rooms at home and in the office will again become sticky and unpleasantly warm.

It’s a well-known fact that a simple fan will only move the air around, but will not replace it. For this reason, an air conditioning unit is needed so you can sleep at night in pleasant temperatures and work more efficiently in the office. Trotec will now explain to you how an air conditioning unit works, what technologies are available and what the energy label is all about. Then you can be sure that a portable air conditioning unit from the PAC Series is exactly the right choice for the climate you want to achieve.

Summer time – the best time for a change of climate

When you use a portable air conditioning unit, you will always have refreshingly cool air in exactly the place where it is needed: in the bedroom, in the living room, in the converted loft – where the heat loves to accumulate in the summer -, or in the office. A local air conditioning unit is the ideal partner within your four walls, providing pleasantly fresh air at the touch of a button and thereby also catering for your well-being. The practical aspect is that portable units can be installed in the room with no problem and operated at any time. The compact models generate almost no noise and also require very little maintenance. And all you have to do is: insert the plug, press the button, and fresh air is on its way!

But how does an air conditioning unit actually work?

Using a portable air conditioning unit is child’s play. But what technology is hidden inside the box? An air conditioning unit contains a closed cooling circuit. A refrigerant is used which evaporates at low temperatures, absorbing heat at the same time. The room air is led through the evaporator containing the refrigerant. Here the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, which it needs to evaporate. This causes an appreciable cooling of the air in the room.

The compressor in the air conditioning unit draws in the gaseous refrigerant and compresses it. As a result of the higher pressure the temperature increases, and therefore the temperature of the refrigerant also increases. Electrical energy is required for this process. The refrigerant enters the outside air heat exchanger, the evaporator. Here it releases the heat that it obtained from the room air and from the electrical energy from the compressor into the outside air. At this point, the refrigerant is liquefied again. Finally, the high pressure in the refrigerant is reduced when it passes through the expansion valve. Then the cycle begins again.

Where does the air come from?

There are two ways in which the air in a room can be cooled by a portable air conditioning unit. In the case of the so-called single hose system, the air is taken directly from the room through an opening in the unit.  In the case of a dual hose system, all components of the cooling circuit are contained within the housing. Air from the outside is drawn in through a hose and passed over the liquefier. The heat absorbed is led away again through the second hose.

Energy consumption

Faultless and reliable technology is, of course, an important criterion when buying an air conditioning unit. But the energy efficiency also plays an important role. To enable customers to make the right decision in this regard, the EU has introduced a new labelling system. Manufacturers are obliged to label their air conditioning units accordingly. Among the most important items of information are the energy consumption and the noise level of the model. In this way, the customer can see how economical and environmentally friendly the unit is.

The PAC Series has what is takes

Whether you choose the efficient dual hose or the practical single hose version: the convenient portable air conditioning units from Trotec offer both possibilities and at the same time consume very little energy. Apart from being reliable and high-performing cooling units, they also act as high-performance dehumidifiers. Compact, reliable and providing full cooling power: you are guaranteed to find the right model for your requirements in our  Trotec Online Shop. Have a look yourself!


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