Water gets you through any journey

Water gets you through any journey

Long drives in the car on business trips or to holiday destinations can be extremely tiring. Anyone needing to handle hundreds of miles on motorways and local roads really ought to prepare properly for the journey. For it is not just the driving behaviour of other motorists that poses major risks, but also concentration and physical discomfort. So take regular breaks where you relax and stretch out your muscles. And be sure to take plenty of fresh, vitamin-rich food and healthy drinking water. A Trotec SecoSan Stick will keep your water clean and fresh throughout the journey.

Water gets you through any journey

Many of the car journeys we make take no longer than an hour – doing a big shop at the weekend, going to a club meeting, or a Sunday drive. But once a year driving gets less comfortable, i.e. when holiday time comes and we head off in the car to relax on some distant shore or in the mountains. Also business trips can suddenly come up, meaning we have to cover hundreds of miles by car. Long, featureless stretches on a motorway can leave us very weary. And the monotonous hum of the engine reduces your alertness at the wheel. Your physical condition also deteriorates rapidly after hours seated in the same position. To combat the dangers brought on by getting tired at the wheel, you should prepare thoroughly for long drives.

Schedule breaks and water stops

As human beings, we start to lose concentration quickly after just an hour and a half. That sounds logical, and it is why there are breaks scheduled around every two hours in schools. And it is also why a short break should also be scheduled every 120 miles or so while driving. At a service area you can take a breather, stretch your legs and loosen out your muscles. And, of course, you should keep up your strength with healthy food and drink. Nutrition is essential for a pleasant, safe car journey. So, before you set off on your drive, you should start with a light, vitamin-rich breakfast. Pack a small picnic basket containing healthy snacks and a lot of fresh water for the journey. Dried fruits, crispbreads and whole-grain bread will fill you up, but are not too heavy and won’t tire you out. Pieces of fruit and vegetables, cereal bars and wholemeal pastries are also ideal for the trip.

The energy source

Instead of overstimulating yourself with coffee and cola, a better idea is get in a good supply of water. For pure water invigorates you and provides energy. It also helps you concentrate better. Car drivers on long journeys should drink between one and one and a half litres of water. Fill some bottles with the required amount of water at home. Adding a SecoSan Stick to the bottle will ensure that the water stays fresh and germ-free, even if the bottle is lying in the sun for a long time.
Make your preparations before setting off so that you get to your destination safe and sound. In Trotec’s online shop you can get SecoSan Sticks in whatever size you need for your purposes, for example for a volume of up to 0.7 litres or a volume of up to two litres. It takes just a few steps to order SecoSan Sticks online and to pay for them by credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery or via a free direct debit. It doesn’t get any easier!


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