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TKL Rental Service

Trotec makes innovative machines and equipment for air conditioning, heating, air treatment, ventilation and measuring. TKL hires this equipment to customers whose need is merely temporary. But what about when major climatic events, such as flooding and the extensive water damage which accompanies this, necessitate the use of large quantities of equipment? As of now, TKL has a revolutionary solution for such cases.

After a flood, for example, damage needs to be repaired quickly. From the drying of walls using professional construction site dryers to the drying of floors and insulation layers, a variety of suitable machines is needed in every affected building and home. And haste is the order of the day, because once mildew spores and micro-organisms take hold they are extremely hard to get rid of. But who on earth stocks enough of this extremely vital equipment? And who can get it to where it is needed, quickly? Two questions, one answer – TKL! And this is the plan …

1. We have a European major damage store

In this major damage store we stock very large quantities of hire machinery for effectively combating the effects of major climatic events such as flooding. The major damage store is sited where it enables us to get the machines to anywhere in Europe that is affected within 24 hours.

2. We are expanding our transport capabilities

The super-modern lorry in the photo above is the best example. We are currently expanding our service fleet enormously so that we can provide the vital Europe-wide service for delivering large quantities of machines in a short space of time. And we have recently also begun to stock large air conditioning units. So our service team can now also send these anywhere in Europe using our new delivery service.

TKL has 15,000 hire units available

Whether you are looking for an air conditioning system or individual air conditioning units, heaters, air dehumidifiers, humidifiers or air cleaners – we can hire out the unit which best suits your needs. Short-term, for a week, or a season or long-term with an annual contract. Find out more at www.tkl-rent.net or call +49 02452 962 160 – we look forward to talking to you.

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