Let us introduce to you the brand new Trotec B 400 large-scale humidifier

Trotec humidifiers are known best for excellent high-performance humidification, high quality and brilliant price/performance ratios. The brand new B 400 humidifier now enlarges the range of offered appliances as a powerful solution for humidifying rooms of up to 900 m². Benefit from a two-stage “3M Aircare Filter” active coal filter and get rid of dust particles and unpleasant odours in the ambient air.

The B 400 got an air flow rate of 800 m³/h and a maximum evaporation rate of approx. 60 l in 24 h. To ensure the effective operation there are distance pieces on the back of the device. So the air can circulate best and the maximum performance this large-scale humidifier has to offer can be reached. Due to two adjustable fan stages you can evaporate 34 litres the water tank can catch just like you need. Unlike common high-capacity appliance the B 400 isn’t even an electricity gobbler. The low power input of 0.053 kW won’t boost your electricity bill and you can beefy save money. There is even a possibility to connect the humidifier to a water supply for steady humidification of large rooms with valuable furniture or antiques, for example.

The B 400 large-scale humidifier
The B 400 large-scale humidifier

And if that wasn’t enough the B 400 humidifier comes with an exclusive accessory for free! Buy a Trotec B 400 and get the ingenious Ionic Silver Stick for free.

The Ionic Silver Stick for germ-free water is based on the germ-killing properties of silver. It combats more than 650 different types of bacteria and virus strains and keeps the water in your humidifier’s water tank free from algae. The ionic Silver Stick only needs to be replaced after 12 months and is maintenance-free, doesn’t need additional power and develops its full effect even the humidifier is switched off.

Seize the Opportunity and benefit from cutting-edge technologies from Trotec. Get your B 400 large-scale humidifier with a free Ionic Silver Stick now!

More information on the Ionic Silver Stick can be found here…

2 thoughts to “Let us introduce to you the brand new Trotec B 400 large-scale humidifier”

  1. Dear Trotec,
    Could you please tell me which humidifier I need?
    My room is c. 60m2 and 2.5m to the cieling.
    I need a constant humidity on c. 55%, and in winthertime it is down near to 20% sometimes here in Denmark.
    I want the best but also the one that is easiest to use, should it be the Trotec model B400 or the Model B200 I should choose?
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Best regards
    Kenneth Brögger

    1. Dear Mr. Brögger,

      Thank you for your interest in our humidifiers! Considering the size of your room and the very low humidity levels in your surroundings, we would recommend the use of the B400 model. The built-in hygrostat also helps to control humidity levels in the room and to automatically achieve the desired results.

      If you have any further questions feel free to contact us anytime you please!

      Best regards,
      Elena Kramer

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