The IC 60 infrared thermal imaging camera: watch the prices tumble!

Trotec infrared cameras for a very low priceYou’ve never seen such a special offer before! As of now, you can pay even less for the IC 60 than ever before without having to make compromises on performance or quality.

We at Trotec are able to offer you a professional real-time infrared camera at a truly amazing bargain price. The IC 60 is a fully radiometric infrared camera and 100 percent made in the EU. The infrared cameras in the IC-Series, which have a geometric resolution of 2.2 mrad, a temperature range from  -20°C to +250°C and a thermal sensitivity of 0.1°C, offer an utterly convincing performance for cameras in this price bracket.

And that’s not all! The scope of accessories is also a real eye-opener…

As if such an array of special features were not enough, the IC 60 infrared thermal imaging camera comes with a wide range of valuable and useful accessories. The long list of accessories includes a robust carry case that offers the infrared camera the necessary protection, a software packet which offers an extensive range of analysis possibilities and an ion battery including a 110/230 volt charging station with an indicator display.

So act NOW and get your IC 60 infrared camera with cutting-edge infrared technology before it’s too late!

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