Wallscanner D-tect 100 demonstration models for very low prices

The one and only WallscannerThere’s yet another special savings offer on one of our top products. As you are used to from Trotec you can get a high-quality product for a very favourable price. The Wallscanner D-tect 100 is a world’s first in its class. With this measuring instrument you’re able to detect plastics pipes, aluminium pipes, wood in partition walls and many more.

Craftsmen don’t need to be afraid of hitting a water pipe anymore. The lightweight Wallscanner is an easy-to-use tool which can be taken along without any circumstances. You won’t miss to enjoy a good reputation when using the D-tect 100 during your daily work.

So don’t hesitate and get your demonstration model for a very low price. Nevertheless you have to keep in mind that there are only a few models available.

If you need further information on the technology of the Wallscanner D-tect 100 you can have a look at some impressing facts on this device on our homepage.

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Those bargain hunters who can’t wait to buy a Wallscanner demonstration model can order a device online now.

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