Trotec supports cultural diversity


On the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development you should invest in the intercultural dialogue. That’s what we do every day with our international customers and numerous colleagues from all over the world.

The World Day for Cultural Diversity “provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together” as it is mentioned on the website of the United Nations. Since the day was declared at the UN General Assembly in 2001 the intercultural dialogue stands in the focus of the 21. May.
We hold intercultural dialogues almost every day. Our employees come from all countries of the world and, therefore, we not just work interdepartmental but transnational and cross-lingual as well. “Some products you sell in one country successfully are not required in another country. In warm areas don’t usually need heaters and in cold areas they normally don’t ask for air conditioners. It is our job to individually meet the local needs and that’s why we act together to achieve our goals”, Hilal Bayram explains. She is responsible for the entire Turkish online marketing sector like for Facebook, for the website and the weblog. Hilal is fluent in German, too, and knows both cultures pretty well. “That is good in many situations. I know how Germans think and behave and have good ideas from time to time.”

We are intercultural and international

Not only in Turkey Trotec sells products and provides services. Many native speakers cover the whole spectrum in English, French, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Italian and Dutch. They look after the social networks, our online shop take care of the website – the whole online communication. Our catalogue even is available in Chinese. Of course, the Trotec online shop is accessible in numerous languages.
As an internationally operating family business Trotec has customers and business partners all over the world. “Our international relations go far beyond the European borders”, Rainer Rausch, member of the Trotec management, explains, “especially in Asia people don’t act like we do, even in the business sector. You can only be good in your business when you understand those different cultural backgrounds. Therefore we live the cultural diversity in our company.”

Even in Australia and in the topmost corners of Africa and America the Trotec Group maintains existing and establishes new contacts with business partners. “Here it is quite nice to here different languages in different offices. Nevertheless, we all belong to the same company and the information exchange as well as the diversity are fun every day”, Hilal Bayram adds with a smile.

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