Heat distribution – see for yourself!


As an experienced mechanic in heating engineering you can surely feel with your hands how well heat spreads across heating systems. You notice even small temperature differences in a heating unit quickly. But now you can make your diagnosis even more quickly and accurately, with the help of a Trotec Thermal Imaging Camera!

In the blink of an eye you can have a clear picture of how well the whole heating system is working. Which in turn illustrates to your customers that repairs are necessary, and when you have finished, you’ll also have a picture of the heating system working efficiently. Satisfaction and certainty for both parties: thanks to a Trotec thermal imaging camera.

Heat distribution – see for yourself!

You can tell if a heating system is working properly from its high performance. This depends on the equal and effective distribution of warmth in the pipes and in the heating units. As a heating engineering professional, you can detect irregularities quickly and with certainty. Often, just feeling the heating unit is enough because usually you can quickly detect cooler areas. And for you it is clear that in these areas, dirt has built up. But making a diagnosis becomes more difficult when these deposits are very small. Let alone with underfloor heating, where it is hard to sense the heat emission in any detail. Save time and provide your customers with certainty about the condition of their heating by showing them pictures of their heating system’s performance. With a thermal imaging camera from Trotec this is possible!

A picture paints a thousand words

With insistent explanation you can make your customers understand that their heating shows irregularities and that the whole system needs to be rinsed through. Perhaps they believe you because you have been recommended to them. But some doubt remains – ultimately it is a question of money. Assure your customers – with pictures. Because a picture paints a thousand words.

This is how it works

For a clear analysis of faults, turn the heating on. Take thermal images of all heating units in the house with a thermal imaging camera from Trotec’s EC or IC ranges, for example the EC060V or the IC080LV. You can easily save these along with the data collected and compare them with one another – always on the trail of temperature changes! Temperature differences can be seen in colour on the pictures. This illustrates the need for action to you and your customers. And Once you have rinsed the heating system, new pictures will show the results – heating that is working evenly and efficiently. Trotec also offers the corresponding software for evaluating and processing the data collected. All thermal imaging cameras are delivered with a comprehensive standard software package, but we strongly recommend the evaluation software MultiMeasure Studio Professional, which is available as an accessory. With this analysis software, developed completely by Trotec, you can generate fault analyses and thanks to the text blocks, create whole reports professionally and in the blink of an eye. Fast, precise and persuasive.

A suitable model for every use

You know best how often and to what extent you will use your thermal imaging camera. Which is why we know we have a suitable device for every requirement: whether it is the EC060V or the IC080LV Professional Thermal Imaging Camera – delivered with either standard or professional software. Take a look around the Trotec online shop. We currently have the best models in thermal imaging cameras on offer at unbeatable prices.
If you only need a thermal imaging camera for a short period of time, you can rent one from TKL with prices starting at € 29 net (€ 34.51 gross) per day.

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