The NEW TTK 165 ECO industrial dehumidifier – finally available!

The boom in the renovation and construction sectors continues – as does the unbroken demand for our new TTK 165 ECO industrial dehumidifier. As a decision maker you should seize this opportunity now and grasp it by its distinctive handle bar: You will never find such a cost-effective solution for industrial dehumidification applications again – especially not at this price!

As a professional you will be just as amazed by the new TTK 165 ECO’s performance data as you will by its robust design – ideal for industrial usage through to harsh construction-site environments. The TTK 165 ECO is immediately ready for use and impresses with its high dehumidification capacity of up to 52 litres per 24 hours which allows it to dry rooms up to 90 m2 or 230 m3 very quickly. Make up your own mind about why this solidly manufactured budget solution is so perfectly suited to the typical dehumidification applications of trade and industry…

The benefits for you at a glance – the TTK 165 ECO industrial dehumidifier

  • has an external condensate drain – with an optional external pump if required – and is therefore optimally suited for extended, unmonitored, drying applications.
  • is easy to operate and maintain: the detachable condensation tank can be emptied quickly and easily and the washable air filter is easily accessible and can be cleaned quickly.
  • is specially equipped for harsh construction-site environments with a solid steel construction in carriage design with a handle bar and large transport rollers. Usage on rough terrain therefore poses no more of a problem for the condensation dryer than frequently changing location from one construction site to the next.
  • offers almost unlimited transportability and storability thanks to its efficient rotary piston compressor. The practical cable storage on the back of the unit offers additional transport security.

The TTK 165 ECO dehumidifier – perfect for trade and industry!

Order the TTK 165 ECO dehumidifier today, reduced from £524.75 to just £274.96 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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