NEW TTK 165 Eco industrial dehumidifier – capable of up to 52 litres daily!

A day to rejoice for decision makers in the renovation and construction sector: The new TTK 165 Eco is on the horizon – a particularly economical solution for typical dehumidifying applications in the industrial sector. A high dehumidification capacity, a robust performance for rough construction sites, as well as an extremely low price gives every professional reason to rejoice!

Your search for a good-quality, affordable building dehydrator solution is now complete, because efficiency is of the utmost importance for our new professional dehumidifier. The TTK 165 Eco is ready to use, and will impress you with its high dehumidification performance of up to 52 litres per day. It is suitable for rooms up to 90 m² or 230 m³. Our new budget solution is solidly manufactured through and through, and is the perfect bargain for typical dehumidification applications in trade and industry – grab it now!

How it works

The TTK 165 Eco is equipped with sturdy steel construction in carriage design, with a transport handle and large wheels – the perfect design for rough construction environments. Difficult terrain therefore poses no problem to this condensation drier, and neither does frequent movement between construction sites. Thanks to the rotary compressor, the maintenance-friendly device can be transported and stored in any position. The practical cable storage on the back of the unit offers additional transport security.

The easily-serviced TTK 165 Eco is ideally suited for continuous dehumidification operation. Due to its external condensation drain – if needed with optional external pump – it can also be optimally used for longer unattended drying applications. The detachable condensation tank can be emptied quickly and easily.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • a particularly economic solution for typical dehumidification applications in the industrial sector
  • a high dehumidification performance of up to 52 litres in 24 hours
  • robust steel construction in carriage design
  • unlimited transport and storage possibilities thanks to the rotary compressor

The TTK 165 Eco dehumidifier is a bargain worth celebrating for professionals

Order the TTK 165 Eco dehumidifier today, reduced from £520.65 to just £272.81 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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