TTK 75 ECO dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

With hot gas defrosting and an operating hours counter, the TTK 75 ECO is specially designed for typical dehumidification applications for trade and industry. As the compact and equally robust device is a suitable solution for the need for a construction drier that’s as good as it is cost effective, it was more or less predestined to be sold out very quickly. Now, the dehumidifier is finally available for delivery again as a particularly economic solution for commercial use.

The TTK 75 ECO is ideally suited to keeping rooms of up to 45 m² reliably dry with a dehumidification capacity of up to 20 litres per day. But the industrial dehumidifier still has several considerable advantages concealed within its robust steel construction. The TTK 75 ECO

  • is impressive thanks to its automatic hot gas defrosting.

    This means that you can rely on the TTK 75 ECO’s dehumidification performance even at temperatures as low as 5°C in unheated rooms. You should be aware that, in general, on construction sites in central Europe the temperature is less than 15°C, at least overnight, on over 200 days a year!

  • can be transported easily and particularly well.

    On the one hand due to its efficient rotary piston compressor – this allows the device to be transported and stored in any position. On the other hand, the TTK 75 ECO is equipped with cable reels as well as a retractable metal carry handle and can be easily transported from one job to the next. Because the device has a durable steel construction, even harsh construction site environments have little effect on the dehumidifier.

  • scores points with functional features.

    The washable air filter is particularly easy to access and therefore quick to clean. A warning light comes on when the water tank is full and the automatic overflow protection switches the device off automatically.

  • has an external condensate drain.

    Also with an optional pump if required! This makes the device perfectly suited to longer unmonitored drying applications, the respective length of which can be exactly determined with the integrated operating hours counter. Ideal for industrial applications!

TTK 75 ECO construction drier – effective and optimised for your budget!

Take advantage of this particularly economic solution for commercial use: order the TTK 75 ECO dehumidifier today at our current offer price, reduced from £309.22 to just £211.36 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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