Perfect vintage car weather – optimum garage climate!

Cited from the logbook belonging to the vintage car driver Raimund E. from Cologne: “Beaut. summer wthr. + wond. quick spin i.t. country inc. picnic treat! Bth. dogs enthusias! Evening rtn. t. Clgn. No dam. to sheet metal + chrome, everything o.k. all round! Garage 1 button press + super climate instantly!!! Thanks to Thinc!” Whatever these cryptic abbreviations may mean – three things appear to be clear: Mr E. loves his dogs, his classic car and his DH-VPR+ dehumidifier with ThinC! Climate technology!

Rightly so! For a range of dangers lie in wait for a classic car. It sounds paradoxical – at home in the supposedly safe garage the markedly more insidious adversaries are waiting for your chrome jewel: damage from corrosion due to nestling moisture, mould in the room and inventory to go with it, as well as hard-to-remove residues of soot and oil mist from starting the engine in the garage. And dust, the build-up of dust again and again which soon casts doubts on any polishing work done! All of this chips away at the appearance of your dream car in a damaging way –  and at its value!

ThinC! climate management – turns your garage into a climate vault!

You want to avoid humidity, odours, air pollutants and dust that inflict damage on your car’s body? Then simply start the ThinC! climate manager with a press of a button – and generate an optimum garage climate with reliably low humidity levels and long-term protection against corrosion and rust formation. The DH-VPR+ series with intelligent ThinC! climate technology turns your garage into a climate vault: with reliable protection against humidity even in unheated rooms at low temperatures from 0 °C, with conditioned air that is clean of pollutants, with significantly reduced dust formation and the neutralisation of unpleasant odours.

The basis for the innovative ThinC! climate management to achieve this is provided by high-performance DH dehumidifiers which have been enhanced with effective air purification and filter modules in line with the industry standard. All ThinC! models are characterised by simple handling and intelligent humidity regulation as well as odour neutralisation. The individual room air is automatically controlled using a hygrostat and intensity regulator: dust-free, soot-free, hygienic and energy efficient – always at the right level.

The advantages you reap from the DH-VPR+ with ThinC! climate management

  • Globally unique: active climate management with 4-in-1 protection function against humidity, odours, air pollutants and dust
  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – Trotec original manufacturing
  • Specially designed for preserving the value of expensive exhibits, objects and possessions
  • Perfect dehumidification performance even at low temperatures above 0 °C
  • Two-component filter for dust and soot – specifically in garages
  • Air filter for dust and cleaning the air of pollen and allergens
  • High-quality industrial ioniser for effective odour neutralisation
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Hygrostat-controlled automatic operation
  • Efficient hot gas defrosting system
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Available in any colour and material on request

DH-VPR+ withThinC! climate management – all the best to your classic car

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can get the DH dehumidifiers from the VPR+ series in various designs:

incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

You’d like further information about our DH-VPR+ dehumidifiers with ThinC! climate management?  We would be pleased to provide you with further information directly on +49 2452 962-400 – the Trotec team is looking forward to your call!

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