Prepare your car for summer – it’s time for tyre change


A rule of thumb says that you should leave your winter tyres on your car from October to Easter. So it’s time for your summer tyres. But just changing is not all. To ensure your safety the right tyre pressure is extremely important. That can be measured quickly – with our tyre pressure gauge BY10.

Safety first! Thus, you really should take care of the right tyre pressure during the warm season as well. Because when the pressure is too low for example the braking distance becomes longer and when driving along curves the vehicle quicker drifts to the curve outer edge. In both situations too low pressure in only one tyre is enough.
With sufficient tyre pressure, additionally, the rolling resistance and the fuel consumption decrease at the same time. Surely the best argument when you see the high fuel prices.

Measure at home, quickly and conveniently

With the tyre pressure gauge BY10 you quickly and reliably know how much pressure is left in your tyres. With digital precision within seconds the device shows you whether you have to refill or not. Even in the dark you easily find the valve, thanks to the integrated pocket torch.
By the way: with the tyre pressure gauge BY10 you not only can make your car fit. Especially in the beginning of spring it is the perfect tool to measure the tyre pressure of your motor cycle or bicycle. Then you arrive safely and can enjoy the spring time to the full.

The tyre pressure gauge BY10 is now available with a discount of 44 % for cheap 8.64 £.

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