Strong wind, much power – the TTW 35000 S Barrel Fan


To cool machines and pavilions or for the effect ventilation at events. Enough wind for all areas with the new TTW 35000 S

Do you have to cool down your production sites or showrooms? Do you want to draw of smoke out of your buildings? Do you need stronger traverse ventilation or more air circulation in your hall? Our new barrel fan TTW 35000 S is also best suitable for the effect ventilation of your fair, fashion show or discotheque and for wind simulations for film and photo shoots.

Whatever you need wind for, with a maximum air flow rate of 32,400 m³/h and a maximum number of rotor revs of 850 min⁻¹ the new TTW 35000 suits every field of application. The fan is adjustable in two steps and, thus, can create wind for the work at a film set for example. If you don’t like it that windy his little brother, the barrel fan TTW 25000 S with a maximum air flow rate of 27,600 m³/h is enough for the semi-professional use.

Practical and mobile

Because of its galvanized robust steel frame with heavy-duty castors the barrel fan can be easily transported from one place to another. Even frequent changes of location don’t really affect the long durability of the fan.
Furthermore, due to the adjustable inclination angle you can direct the air current towards ceilings or high walls.

And if you need a real and strong storm…

…we have the wind machines TTW 20000 and TTW 45000 in our professional series. With an air circulation capacity of up to 45,600 m³/h you even can stack those fans and even build up “storm fronts”.

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