Power for the industrial sector – the desiccant dehumidifiers TTR 1000 and TTR 1500


Quality “Made in Germany” – Our new high performance dehumidifiers protect your goods and your inventory against corrosion and condensation

Especially, when producing or working with climate-sensitive products a constant humidity is very important. In industrial and logistics processes air and gas dehumidification became almost indispensable because besides production and product safeguarding a controllable humidity ensures long value retention of machines, inventory and buildings.

Reliable protection against corrosion, condensation and mould formation

Even at low dew points our new TTR drying aggregates guarantee an effective and permanent dehumidification. The desiccant dehumidifier TTR 1000 (dehumidification performance 5.5kg/h) and the TTR 1500 (dehumidification performance 9.6 kg/h) not only protect your goods but the health of your employees as well.
Additionally, due to their special rotors the new TTR adsorption dehumidifiers are very robust and because of the internal heat recycling process they are extremely energy efficient and economic.

In which fields the TTR adsorption dryers can be used

With the TTR 1000 and the TTR 1500 you also dehumidify unheated rooms, e.g. in water technology facilities and pump stations. Avoid condensation on pipe systems and pumps or ensure a constant and low relative humidity in industrial production facilities and storerooms. Even ships’ holds and fuel depots can be protected against corrosion.

For sublessors or when you often change the application area the new TTR adsorption drying aggregates are also available as hiring models. For an easy transport the TTR 1000 as well as the TTR 1500 have a stackable steel frame that is equipped with crane eyes and fork lift slots.

Both the sales model as well as the hiring model are optionally available with a stainless steel housing. On the one hand that housing protects the dehumidifier itself against corrosion and on the other hand allows you to set up the device at places where the highest hygiene requirements are desired, such as in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Our new desiccant dehumidifiers at a glance:

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