Customer-oriented and well-organized – our new online shop


The new Trotec24 Online Shop is fresh and tidy. Like a real shop you visit

When you go to a supermarket you quickly want to find what you need and not search around for ages. Therefore, stores are always well-organized with huge signs where you can see in which section you are. With that you easily find milk or bread in the supermarket and suits or sportswear in a clothing shop. Furthermore, the signs exactly show what to find in the different sections.
“That’s what our online shop should look like”, Rainer Rausch, member of the Trotec management remembers.

Easy navigation through a new main menu

With the new main menu the articles are even easier to find. “No matter where you are – at electric heaters, fans or air conditioners – you don’t have to go back in the menu, but simply use the dropdown list to jump directly from fans to work tents or from air conditioners to air purifiers”, Rausch goes on. “Using the dropdown list you can even get from the shop to the different categories of the rental division.”
When you exactly know what you are looking for there, of course, still is the convenient search function. Just type in the product you are looking for and immediately you will get some suggestions. Of course, in our new shop you still find the Trotec Infocenter with all important forms and the links to our social networks.
Furthermore, you can subscribe for our Trotec newsletter there and get new information about products, services and special offers first.

Less colours, more balance

When designing the new website we decided not to use many colours. The biggest parts of the Trotec24 Online Shop are white. Graphic elements like shop banners, the navigation and the thumbnails of our products get much more space and the site seems more balanced. On the other hand you find your way through it more easily and quicker get where you want.

We have the Trusted Shops Certificate for secure shopping

To show you how safe it is to shop on we have the Trusted Shops Certificate. With that we guarantee you a buyer protection, a fast delivery, secure payment and a 30 days money back guarantee.
And now enjoy yourself while shopping in our Trotec24 Online Shop!

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