Comfort dehumidifier TTK 75 S returned from the summer break


After a long summer break the comfort dehumidifier TTK 75 S is back. From now on, it is in stock again and available for you to quickly and easily dehumidify rooms up to 50 m².

For long two and a half months the dehumidifier TTK 75 S had disappeared from our warehouse and did not appear again for the whole summer. Fortunately, it not only provides constant low humidity values when it is hot outside but during the winter season in heated rooms as well. Equipped with an antibacterial air filter the dehumidifier works in a hygostrat-controlled automatic mode. It has an overspill protection and, thus, is ideal for non-stop operation in unsupervised rooms.

What are you waiting for? Go straight to our online shop and get the comfort dehumidifier TTK 75 S for our very special price!

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