Dehumidifier TTK 75 E back again – with a DEAL!

TTK 75 E

There is nothing you can do wrong with the TTK 75 E – neither the superfavourably price nor the very easy handling. Best is – if you decide now, you can safe up to 45 % until delivery at calendar week 35!

Convinces at a push of a button

Small, inconspicous and quiet the TTK 75 E comes along. But with its maximum dehumidification performance of 20 litres a day it convinces at a push of a button. It is perfectly suitable for permanent keeping dry heated living rooms, offices, sanitary or cellar rooms in between 45 m² and 110 m². Great for those, who don’t want to take much time to study the user manual – the device is so easy to handle.

That’s how it works

Could it be easier? Set up, switch on, choose dehumidification performance and ready! You can choose the desired humidity value with the integrated hygrostat. In case of crossing these values the device activates automatically – and turns off the compressor independently, as soon as the chosen humidity value is reached. Alternatively the TTK 75 E is usable at permanent operation, as a matter of course.

By the way, the TTK 75 E disposes about a powerful blower, which supplies a high volume of air to the condenser to dehumidify. That makes the TTK 75 E to be the perfect solution for drying inner rooms with a big volume. Furthermore the device has the advantage of an electronic defroster and a connection for an extern condensate drain.

Four of many benefits, that I like the most:

  • The automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification
  • The high air circulation – dehumidification performance ratio
  • Very quiet operation
  • Extremely simple handling

Safe 45% while you are waiting!

The best way to safe 45% is to order the TTK 75 E today at our Trotec Shop for 119.24 € instead of 219.95 € incl. VAT.

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