Air Conditioner PAC 2000 S now as returning goods


Our multi talent PAC 2000 S cools, ventilates and dehumidifies the room – and is going to be such a bargain as a returning good with only a few or no operating hours. With just a little luck you even get a device that is absolutely unused – much cheaper than new devices.

You can not take care of a great climate in a cheaper way than with the returning goods of the PAC 2000 S: you can let the device run in cooling mode, or just set it to ventilate the room. Or even easier: just switch it on automatic operation – the device chooses independently the optimal operating mode as required, thanks to the integrated room thermostat. And because the device works as a dehumidifier, it is always taken care of a pleasant room climate.

That’s how it works

The Air Conditioner PAC 2000 S is perfectly suited for smaller rooms, according to “Heimwerker Paxis” 02/2013 (a popular German do-it-yourself magazine): “The device was tested in a room of 24 m². The heated room has been brought to a comfortable temperature fast by the PAC 2000 S.” The operation is pleasing a swell: Either you control the Air Conditioner PAC 2000 S by the electric operating panel or comfortably lying on the couch via IR remote control.

To spread the air optimally, the air discharge direction of the Air conditioner is variable and adjustable in 2 stages. Furthermore it provides comfort like a 24hrs timer, an air filter as well as feed rolls for flexible application in addition.

Four of many benefits, which I like:

  • The integrated automatic cooling – dehumidifying and ventilating function
  • The comfortable 0-24 hour time switch function
  • The comfortable IR remote control
  • The flexible 2 fan stages

Returning good PAC 2000 S – as long as stock lasts!

With this cool deal it’s worth it for you to be real quick. Everything you need to know about the delivery conditions of returning goods like the Air conditioner PAC 2000 S – you will find at our Trotec Shop.

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