Bugatti Classic Cars puts trust on Trotec at the Mille Miglia


What has Trotec to do with the Mille Miglia? That’s easy – we’re there! Since 2014 Trotec shares responsibility at the street race of classic cars, the classic of auto racing since 1927. In collaboration with the Bugatti-Team we take care of the top condition of your classic rally car. What exactly our mission is as specialists of climate conditioning, see the video report of our Trotec top-speed team around Martin Utberg…

Mille Maglia 2014. Four days took the race, which led 435 participants with their classic cars around 1000 miles over Italian promenades and mountain passports. At wind and rough weather, at wetness too, the worst enemy of any elegant sheet.

Innovative technology stops moisture accumulation

After driving wet streets the water on the vehicle surface dries, however, hidden moisture accumulation stays at the bodywork, because the subsoils of the classic cars were not encapsulated like in these days. That’s why every evening, as soon as the drivers and their cars reached the finish safely, the responsible work of the Trotec specialists began.

To dry out the moisture accumulation and thus protecting corrosion damages, the Trotec team used the TFV 10 S. This powerful subsoil dryer blow-dries moisture accumulation after driving wet streets in less than 1 hour and preserves effectively corrosion. Thus in the common years the classic cars will be at the start gate at the Mille Miglia. Complete protection against rust and corrosion, again.

Our tip for the driver of classic cars – Trotec subsoil dryer

While driving through rain over wet streets moisture sticks at the bodywork of your Oldsmobile. The subsoil dryer TFV 10 S helps to dry out these moisture accumulations in order to avoid possible corrosion damages. It is suited for any vehicle and reaches even the smallest of places, because the fan on ground level can be placed at different installation angles. That happens fast, absolutely easy and safe.

With its indestructible housing made of polyethylene the subsoil dryer TFV 10 S is lightweight, study and so small and handy, that you can take it with you to the next classic car rally or weekend trip. You don’t want to have the whole Trotec team by your side like Bugatti, do you?

The best for your Oldsmobile

The subsoil dryer TFV 10 S – now available at our Trotec shop instead of 119.00 € for only 89.95 € incl. VAT.

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