Power packs in a top design – the new TTK S commercial dehumidifiers


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Is it wet in your cellar and you don’t know where to store all your old treasures? Do you need dry air in your storeroom, laboratory or in your workshop because you produce medicine or store food? Or do you have to dry the rooms at your construction sight quickly to move in as soon as possible?
Then the commercial dehumidifiers of the new TTK S series come right on cue as they are suitable for every of the described areas. Even under tough conditions the new machines provide optimum performance and guarantee, due to the ideal combination of high-quality components, maximum drying efficiency in all temperature ranges, even under 15 °C
But not only the performance and the construction have been improved. The drying aggregates are manufactured in a tried and tested industrial design “Made in Germany” which is a protected prototype.

Functional design: For a good look AND functionality

Not only has the look changed. The new TTK S series has some new functional extras as well. Equally dimensioned models have a practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport. A special enclosure protects the electronic equipment from things like dust and moisture that may enter and impair the functionality. With a special cover you can prevent the dehumidifier from heavier damages like scratches or scrapes.
“We want to guarantee the longevity of the machines”, Rainer Rausch, member of the Trotec management, explains, “We paid special attention for the small details. The control panel has protective bars to ensure a long and trouble free operation even on construction sights.” Furthermore the control panel has an operating hours counter. Optionally – when you want to count the operating hours in kilowatt hours as well – there is a dual counter.
Overall there are four new dehumidifiers in the TTK S series. All are based on one production platform. That means that the same components can be used for the production of different machines of the same series what, of course, makes the production more efficient and faster whereof the customer profits as well.

The new commercial dehumidifiers have a drying capacity between 32 and 150 litres per day; depending on the machine you are using and on your demands and requisitions.
Due to the practical wheels you can transport every model easily from one room to another. The heat exchange system guarantees a maximum drying efficiency.
In addition, all TTK S dehumidifiers have a high-quality hot gas automatic defrost which makes defrost pauses unnecessary. Through that even during continuous operation they achieve a much more efficient dehumidifying capacity. When you need to dry over a distance of 50 metres or across several floors up to a maximum pump height of 4 metres a powerful condensate pump for all machines of the series is optionally available. Because of the rotary compressor the dehumidifiers are portable and can be stored easily. The robust ergonomic recessed handles make the handling much easier.

TTK 125 S Dehumidifier

TTK 175 S Dehumidifier

TTK 355 S Dehumidifier

TTK 655 S Dehumidifier

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