Treatment and storage tents from Trotec: Everything under one mobile roof


The news about the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Africa is causing a stir. Pictures of doctors and medics preparing themselves for work in the affected areas have been featured in the news almost daily. For weeks and months, their primary workspace has been treatment tents built on-site. This is a distressing situation and a sad cause. But it shows us the importance of accurate workmanship and the best materials for creating treatment and disaster tents. Trotec is concerned not only with ensuring clean air and the best possible climate conditions in the workspace and during working processes. We also supply the mobile workspace: Treatment and storage tents for use in disaster situations, made with the best quality!

Everything under one mobile roof

They are used at festivals, concerts and all kinds of big events, and serve as the workspace for medics and doctors for hours on end. Or in emergency situations – for example when people are evacuated from dangerous situations. We are talking about tents. But not the kind of tents you sleep in, the ones that provide a certain camping idyll. Where large numbers of people are concerned, when there is an emergency situation, then we’re talking about treatment, storage or even disaster tents. Here patients do not only need warm and safe shelter. They must also be able to be treated under these conditions. For this reason, the tents must be of the best quality – like the models from the K- and KE range with flat roofs!

With a classic assembly tent, Trotec provides everything required of a storage or treatment tent for use in disaster situations. Only light-fast material is used so medics can work steadily inside the tent, and the high-quality craftsmanship of the seams guarantees that the tents are wind and weather-proof. You can work with viewing windows and ventilation holes for the most comfortable working conditions possible and good ventilation. Of course, the smaller pitched roof tents 180 TE and 250 TE can be assembled quick and easy. But also the spacious rapid assembly tents with flat roofs, for example the 250 K or the 350 KE, leave nothing to be desired. And these are best suited for disaster aid.

You name the use: Trotec has the solution!

Should the disaster tent have a large square entrance? Or would a triangular opening, which provides more wind protection, be more suitable? It all depends on its purpose! For example, a square opening is a major advantage when distributing food in a kitchen tent. But patients should preferably be sheltered in a protected space, which indicates the need for a tent with a triangular opening. In addition, Trotec provides the various models in a range of sizes and with different equipment. So you can establish a whole city of tents exactly as you want in just a short amount of time.

The appropriate equipment: the air is pure!

Whether they are used as treatment tents, in which doctors and medics care for patients, as a soup kitchen or as a storage tent for equipment and provisions: all tents from Trotec can be equipped with a maintenance opening. These openings can be used to heat, cool or clean the tents. In the case of flooding, for example, the emergency services could equip the tents with oil-fired heaters to shelter evacuated people in a warm place. Air conditioners connected to a tent can be used to cool stored food products and medicines, And an additional air purifier from Trotec ensures that the interior of the tent is clean and dust-free, which is good for the sick, but also good for food distribution operations.

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