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At what core temperature is a good piece of roast beef still RARE? When does it become MEDIUM RARE, MEDIUM or WELL DONE? If you don’t know off the top of your head, you can still keep your licence to grill – but you should check out our new BT40 grill thermometer. From now on with the BT40 grill thermometer you can always be on the safe side with all your core-temperature doubts, whether you are barbecuing, roasting or braising, and thanks to our hot DEALS all this for a super hot price.

Firstly, the core temperature tells us how high the temperature at the centre of the roast beef is. Secondly, it also gives us crucial information about how cooked the meat is and therefore also about its flavour, which as we all well know, is a question of personal taste. With the BT40 the initial question is already answered because the device  has a total of eight food types that can be preselected including, of course,BEEF:

For instance, if you get a reading of 48-52 °C with our new grill thermometer the roast beef is still RARE, so here we are talking about an extremely bloody affair. Already at 52-55 °C, so if the temperature only goes up by 3 °C, you have MEDIUM RARE: The centre of the meat is a pinky red colour. Connoisseurs like to call this “à point” – cooked to the point. The most popular way to eat roast beef is probably MEDIUM: at 55-59 °C the centre of the meat has a juicy red colour and a thick brown crust on the outside. At 60-62 °C the meat is considered MEDIUM WELL DONE: the meat is now cooked all the way through.

And the best bit: You can preselect how long you want your meat to cook for by choosing one of the five cooking levels which go from RARE to WELL. Then the new grill thermometer BT40 alerts you when the correct temperature has been reached.

How it works

Wherever you cook your meat – on the BBQ, on the cooker or in the oven, – you simply insert the tip of the temperature sensor into the food. Then the temperature sensor, which is connected to the base station, sends the current temperature to the portable handset – the receiver – in short regular intervals. This  alerts you when the meat has reached the desired consistency by beeping and changing the colour of the display.

In total eight foods can be preselected on the receiver – BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAMBURGER, PORK, FISH, TURKEY and CHICKEN – and up to five pre-programmable cooking times: ranging from WELL (thoroughly cooked), through the various stages in between, to RARE (lightly browned). Each pre-programmable target temperatures can be adjusted individually. A stop watch and timer function are the perfect additions to the  BT40’s other features. From now on almost all food can safely be left to cook by itself thanks to the radio range of up to 20 m – you will especially appreciate this feature with out door BBQs because it saves you all those unnecessary trips to the BBQ to check on the meat: With our new grill thermometer BT40 now you can cook all meat dishes to the point of perfection!

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

  • Alert tone and colour-changing display which indicates that the target temperature has been reached (radio range of up to 20 m)
  • Stainless steel sensor and cable suitable for temperatures of up to 200 °C
  • Meat types/food types adjustable
  • Depending on the food type, there are up to 5 cooking levels and individual target temperature settings

Grill thermometer BT40 – the latest must-have for grill and oven

Enjoy the benefits of our current offer until the end of February: Why not order the grill thermometer BT40 today for the introductory price of only £9.94 instead of £23.69 incl. VAT – available now in the Trotec shop!

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