Parking spaces with comfort


People who drive a luxury car or motorcycle pay particular attention to where they park their vehicle. In underground car parks, especially when there is bad ventilation, fumes and damp air can cause damage to the vehicle’s bodywork. If the car is not regularly driven its parking place in a garage should most certainly be kitted out and should provide the vehicles with all the comfort they deserve. The DH-VPR series dehumidifiers provide effective protection from moisture damage. Visually attractive and powerful they tackle the humidity in the ambient air. And they are cost-effective into the bargain!

A parking space to simply park a vehicle is available on almost every corner. Gravel car parks, marked out asphalt strips or paved spaces are at a premium especially in big cities, but they are not right for everybody. What about the owners of high quality limousines, old timers and “season” motor bikes that don’t drive their vehicles regularly and who want a protected parking place to house their collector’s items. Offer these customers more than space and protection! Offer them extra comfort with a great climate in your garage.

The right climatic conditions for the underground car park

Whether in winter or in summer: Your customer’s vehicles should be parked in a place that, as far as possible, maintains a constant room temperature. Of course, the garage should be well ventilated so that condensation cannot form on the vehicles. The ideal air humidity is between 50 and 55 per cent, because only then can you put a stop to the bodywork’s biggest enemy: corrosion. Because metalwork, paintwork and also upholstery suffer from excess moisture. And as soon as mould and corrosion have begun to form the owners of the cars and motorcycles will have a hard job getting rid of it.
At our latitude there is on average 80 per cent humidity and only additional technical equipment can satisfy customers that want to be sure that their vehicles are in the dry. This is where Trotec’s top-quality DH-VPR series dehumidifiers come in. Because they get to work with long lasting results and protect your customers’ vehicles from mould formation, condensation and corrosion – and all that while maintaining low-operating costs.

Big selection – low prices

Are you looking for a dehumidification system for an underground garage, tight parking spaces in a garage or for luxury double parking versions? No problem, at Trotec you have the choice. Trotec has three different models in the DH-VPR series for you to choose from: from the DH 15 VPR with its extra stable housing design which makes it suitable for wall mounting, to the extremely powerful DH 60 VPR. Whatever model you decide on – one thing is certain with any dryer from the DH-VPR series: It is the best choice for dehumidifiers of its kind. Simply the best!

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