New designed: the TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel


Descriptions of the new white design of our infrared heating panel have ranged from super-chic to modestly understated. That aside, the TIH 630 is just as effective as an optical brightener as it is at drying construction and masonry work after water damages: simply ingenuous and ingeniously simple. Read on to find out about the cutting-edge technology at work behind the impressive exterior.

Whether a heating panel is used to dry construction work or masonry work it should always be able to dry surfaces effectively. However, many conventional heating panels radiate heat unevenly, which naturally makes drying out surfaces uniformly difficult and time-consuming. Which is why, in designing the new professional quality TIH 630, an original “Made in Germany” Trotec product, we paid particular attention to this detail.

This is how it works

To create the TIH 630 we used innovative materials which guarantee that heat is radiated completely evenly at 630 Watts from across the entire surface. In addition to this, the extra insulation at the back of the heating panel ensures that optimum heat output is coupled with optimum energy efficiency. And because the TIH 630 operates silently, it can easily be used in occupied buildings.

You won’t even need any tools to install it. For example, the feet can be removed easily, saving space during transport, and when in use, these specially-designed feet make it easy to effectively position the heating panel, and also automatically ensure it is positioned at an ideal distance from wall surfaces, guaranteeing optimum efficiency. You can position the TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel either horizontally or vertically, as you require, and the option to stack up to three panels together provides a fast and stable means of drying larger surface areas.

Four of many benefits, which I like the most:

  • professional quality “Made in Germany” – an original Trotec product
  • premium quality infrared heating panel with a completely even 630 Watt heat output
  • insulation on the reverse side ensuring optimum energy efficiency
  • clean heating – with no noise, no smell, no condensation and no oxygen consumption

A dream in white – the TIH 630!

Dreams come true, and thanks to our savings package, they also come at great prices: Now available in our Trotec shop!

TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel for only € 272.51

TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel – pack of three for only € 781.83

TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel – pack of five for only € 1,243.55

TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel – pack of ten for only € 2,368.10

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