The unique AirLock 100 window seal. From the professionals in air conditioning.

AirLock 100 window seal for our portable air conditionersThere are a number of truly great ideas or inventions which, because they are so monumentous, have succeeded in forever changing our lives.

Take sliced bread for example. It must rank high on many people’s scales or why else would they refer to it as one of the most important milestones in history when heaping praise on a particularly brilliant idea or describing the importance and ingenuity of an invention they think exceptionally highly of (“…the greatest thing since sliced bread!”)?

Well, there may come a time – who knows – when this popular expression will have to make way for an equally ingenious and no less society-changing phenomenon than the one that in its day was heralded as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry”, and which, from one day to the next, transformed our attitudes and the way we think towards what was hitherto considered to be the common, or uncut, loaf. The talk is of the AirLock 100.

The AirLock 100 – quite simply called the AirLock by its growing number of ardent followers and faithful fans – is at first sight often mistaken for a simple window seal system. Which it is. But there the secret lies. In its simplicity.  And its ingenuity.  

Whereas most owners of monoblock air conditioners – the term often used for the highly affordable and highly efficient high-quality stand-alone units (from Trotec!) – are extremely satisfied with the performance and ability of their product, and quick to appreciate the life-changing effect it has not only on the quality of their health but also on their feeling of well-being, they are far from happy with the fact that the air discharge hose that conducts the warm air (which due to the nature of the technology tucked away inside their air conditioners has to be transported out of the room) is left to dangle thoughtlessly out of an open window.

The consequences of such a thoughtless design are manifold: The deliciously cool air which you as the proud owner of a state-of-the-art air conditioner are so keen to preserve is allowed to escape to the outside thereby causing your unit to work harder and you to waste precious energy, and the warm, sticky air – as well as a whole host of potentially dangerous and undesirable insects like mosquitoes, wasps and other airborne pests whose sting or bite nowadays can often lead to painful and quite alarming reddening or swelling – is allowed to enter the room. This one would think defies the point of having an air conditioner.

Was it not the great Greek philosopher Plato who once described necessity as being the mother of invention? The problem was obvious. All that was needed was a solution.

When our dedicated team of designers and engineers set out on their quest and channelled their combined energy and skills in search of such a solution, they may not at the time have perceived that what they would soon come up with would not only revolutionise the monoblock air conditioner sector and but also change the way we think about affordable air conditioning.

The fruit of their ingenuity and labour is the AirLock 100, a high-quality window seal system that can be fitted to any standard window, tilt-and-turn window or skylight whose frame does not measure more than 400 cm.

The AirLock complements your air conditioner beautifully. Now there is no need to worry about wasting the cool air your unit supplies by allowing it to escape through the open window. Once the easy-to-use, easy-to-clean window seal system has been fitted to the frame of your window, all you need to do is pop the end of the air discharge hose of your air conditioner through the specially designed opening in the robust, durable, water repellent, translucent material that sits snugly between your window and its frame and then turn on the unit.

The list of benefits which the AirLock provides is seemingly endless:

  • Fits all standard windows (max. frame size 400 cm) incl. tilt-and turn windows and skylights
  • Keeps the cool air in and humid, sticky air, moisture and even light rain out
  • Protects you and your family by effectively sealing your open window and preventing flying insects and other potentially dangerous or bothersome pests from entering the room
  • Saves energy because your air conditioner has to work less hard to maintain the individual temperature you have selected
  • Does not have to be dismantled when you close the window. This added convenience saves you both time and energy
  • Spares you from having to undertake the often costly and laborious task of drilling a hole through the wall (and applying for your landlord’s permission if you live in a rented property)
  • Made of especially robust and durable water repellent material
  • Can also be used for a variety of other appliances, including dehumidifiers or tumble dryers, which are also equipped with flexible air discharge hoses
  • Now also available as a FREE gift when you buy one of our cut-price PAC 2000 S or a PAC 3500 mobile air conditioners (offer ends 30 September, 2012)

So it would seem we have thought of everything – including the price, which we have kept extremely low so as to make this unique invention available to everyone and extremely affordable. Now there’s another milestone in history.

Trotec. Always one step ahead.

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