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32.4°C! Cor blimey!! What a scorcher!!! Who would have thought that?!

These past few months will remain etched in millions of memories as not only the year in which London 2012 staged a stunningly spectacular, mind-blowingly creative and heart-warmingly moving Olympic Games (which had initially looked as if it would be overshadowed by the performance of an uber greedy and underachieving supplier of security personnel), or the year in which plummeting temperatures and unrelenting rain threatened – but equally spectacularly failed –  to put a damper on the Queen’s historic Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, but also as the last in a long line of exceedingly wet and exceedingly dull summers in the history of these our glorious countries.

But even the seemingly endless, gutting footage of devastating flash floods which hit unsuspecting communities and neighbourhoods across the breadth of the British Isles, and the myriad of colour-coded warnings and up-to-the-minute reports of terrifyingly frequent torrential downpours are now too fast becoming blissfully fading memories as large swathes of the country are treated to exactly the opposite end of the weather scale with this year’s highest temperature being recorded at Cavendish in Suffolk – a whole degree higher than this year’s previous record of 31.4°C which was documented almost a month ago at London’s Olympic Park.

What better a time then than to launch our Super Summer Sale – with lots of sizzling hot special offers, end-of-season bargains and bumper savings on top-quality air conditioners from a company that is not only renowned for its products and its know-how but which has also spearheaded the Air Treatment and Management sector in Europe for over 15 years now!

All you need to do in order to make the most of our expertise – and our super special summer offer – is to buy any one of three extremely mobile and extremely efficient PAC mobile air conditioners NOW, and you could save as much as 45 % off the regular retail price !

  • PAC 2000 S: Was € 331.42, NOW only € 179.00!
    The PAC 2000 S packs a cooling performance of 2 kW (7000 btu) and is designed to create a lusciously cool and comfortable healthy indoor climate while keeping the searing heat at bay. Ideal for small rooms and offices.
  • PAC 2600 S: Was € 389.72, NOW only € 229.00!
    Because the PAC 2600 S has a cooling performance of 2.6 kW (9000 btu) and an air flow rate of 340 m³/h, it is ideally suited for monitoring and regulating the indoor climate in more spacious rooms and offices up to 85 m³.
  • PAC 3500: Was € 568.22, NOW only € 349.00!
    Meet the most powerful monobloc air conditioner in the PAC Series. The PAC 3500 has a cooling performance of a cool 3.5 kW (11,942 btu) and is comfortably capable of quietly providing you with just the right room climate in a variety of different-sized rooms and offices up to a total of 115 m³.

And here comes the best part: we’re giving away – yes, giving away! – an AirLock 100 window seal system with each of the special-priced PAC mobile monobloc air conditioners on offer above!

For all those of you who have not yet heard of this extremely effective and amazingly smart innovative product, the Airlock 100 is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use window seal system that that has been trending in both the UK and the rest of Europe over the last couple of months.

The AirLock 100 is designed to keep the preciously cool air which your mobile air conditioner produces in the room in which the monobloc unit is installed while at the same time preventing warm air from the outside – as well as swarms of unwanted unsavoury insects like mosquitoes, wasps and flies, and even light rain – from entering your home or office through the window which you have left slightly ajar to accommodate the air discharge hose from your very affordable unit.

Buy any one of the mobile air conditioners in the PAC Series on offer above and get a FREE AirLock 100 window seal system into the bargain. Now you can’t say fairer than that, can you?!

So which one – or ones – will it be? Buy now and save on a range of high-quality air conditioners designed to not only have a positive effect on both your health and your wellbeing, but which will also provide you with a lasting memory of the closing weeks of this year’s summer. Or perhaps you would care to stock up in preparation for the coming year and make a killing on the regular retail price After all, you never can tell when this summer will end – or our stock of such favourably-priced products will run out…

Trotec. Helping You to Make Your Summer a Happy One.

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