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PAC 3500 mobile Air Conditioner B-stockDo you, like me, like a really good bargain? And are you someone who, like most of us, likes to make the most of their money when they buy something which they consider to be essential not only to their own health and well being but also to that of their family and those they are close to?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then you will be happy to hear that now – and only while stocks last – you can buy one of our high-quality, good-as-new, second-choice PAC 3500 air conditioners for not 40, not 50 but almost 60% off the price you would normally have to pay for a brand new model – and even a full 120 euros under our fabulous, stunning sale price of €349.00!

But that – as the saying goes – is not all! Just in case you feel you need a little more persuading – and because we think that it is only right in this day and age of cuts, austerity measures and soaring prices that you, the consumer, should drive a hard bargain – we are also giving away a FREE Airlock 100 window seal system, which would normally retail at €24.00, with every cut-price, A-rated PAC 3500 air conditioning unit you buy!

The Airlock 100 – as you may remember from our last post – is a specially designed window seal that fits smoothly and easily into any standard size window with a maximum frame size of 400cm and which stops the deliciously cool air from your monoblock air conditioning unit from escaping to the outside while effectively killing a whole flock of birds with one stone: that’s because the Airlock, as it fondly called by its “ardent followers and faithful fans” (see last post), not only stops warm, sticky air from getting back into the room of your house or flat through the window which you have left slightly open to accommodate the air discharge hose of your unit – or because it stops airborne insects and other creepy crawlies whose sting or bite can cause worrying or even dangerous swellings or symptoms from gaining unimpeded access to your home – but because it also saves you energy by conserving the cool air that your unit produces instead of allowing it to leak out of the open window and because it can also be used with a variety of other units which also require a flexible air discharge hose to remove warm or moist air from your home.

The only real difference between a brand new PAC 3500 and the PAC 3500 second choice units on offer – apart from the price that is – is that the packaging (and not the unit itself!) shows slight signs of damage incurred in transit. The air conditioners themselves are absolutely new and in absolutely top condition. They have never been used and are therefore as good as new.

But this is something we are not only prepared to vouch for. All of the PAC 3500 B-stock air conditioners which are currently available for just €229.00 on the basis of this first come, first served special offer come with a full guarantee, just as you would expect when you buy any one of the many products from our extensive product portfolio.  

So, if you have still not allowed yourself to be convinced that that NOW is the time to buy a low, low-cost PAC 3500 air conditioner designed to create the indoor climate you crave for and both in the home and office and which, thanks to the built in air filter, provides you with clean air free of dust, pet dander, pollen and other airborne pathogens, which makes it ideal not only for allergy sufferers but also for those of us who wish to protect our own health and those who are dear to us – and to make a killing while you do so – then perhaps you do not really need an air conditioner at all.

But that, on the other hand, would also mean that you must already know what kind of a summer we can expect next year. And although it may once again turn out to be one of the wettest summers on record – and therefore succeed in matching the conception which our neighbours on the continent have of a typical British summer – we can also count on being treated to several long, and increasingly uncomfortable, hot spells which appear to substantiate the theory that our planet is indeed hotting up and that now is the time to do something. After all, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Order your mobile PAC 3500 air conditioner (B-stock) here in our online shop!

Trotec. We are prepared. Are you?

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