The TDS 20 Electric Fan Heater – available again!

TDS 20

Briefly sold out and now back in time for the first major cold snap: the TDS 20 Electric Fan Heater is our answer for the winter terror! It performs excellently in all its heating tasks. No surprise – after all, it is 100% developed, designed and manufactured by Trotec. So why does this Electric Fan Heater provide the best protection from the cold, both at home and at work…

Unlike oil and gas heating devices, the Electric Fan Heater generates entirely condensation-free heat. No oxygen is consumed and no combustion gases are generated, making the TDS 20 ideal for clean indoor heating. Moreover, in addition to its compact dimensions, it offers flexible options for wall and ceiling mounting: in short, it’s the perfect heating solution, for example for workshops and construction container, market stalls and holiday homes.

Here’s how it works

The TDS 20 offers a heat output of 3.3 kW which can be adjusted to 2 different settings to save energy. It also has a 10% performance advantage over comparable competitive models. The hot air flow can be continuously adjusted to exactly the desired temperature using the internal thermostat control, and a standard built-in air deflector efficiently directs the flow of hot air outwards, resulting in 10% greater heat output efficiency. Of course, the TDS 20 also has all the standard features, such as a quiet blower engine fitted with thermal protection and overheating protection.

TDS 20 Electric Fan Heater – your benefits:

• 100% developed, designed and manufactured by Trotec
• with 3.3 kW, it has a 10% efficiency advantage over competitive models
• 10% more efficient than competitive models – thanks to a standard built-in air deflector for optimised heat dissipation
• integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
• options for wall or ceiling mounting
• condensation-free heat, ideally suited for interior heating

The cold will have to keep out this winter!

Presuming you have made the clever provision and got yourself the perfect indoor heating solution, of course : the TDS 20 – instead of € 94.01incl. VAT, now for just € 39.95 incl. VAT – available now in ourTrotec shop.

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