The TAC Series simply doesn’t tolerate dust and moist air in the warehouse!

Don't tolerate dust and moist air in the warehouse

What use is the most sophisticated process optimisation in production when the goods then get damaged in the warehouse? It is vital to ensure optimal conditions in warehouses and dispatch halls and to regularly check these.

Trotec helps you to take care of and maintain these sensitive areas. You don’t need to employ any additional staff or invest in expensive equipment. A sophisticated combination of dehumidifiers and air purifiers is all you need. You can find various powerful dehumidifiers among the Trotec DH Series and the TTR Series. With the TAC air cleaning devices you can protect against any pollutants. Your products can be permanently and safely protected when in storage and you can breathe easy!

No to dust and moisture!

If goods are not properly stored this can lead to serious damage. Moist air in warehouses damages packaging. It softens and in the worst case mould can even form. Within just a short time pallets, or even an entire inventory can be completely ruined. In short, what this means is that your goods can no longer be sold. Dust, mould spores and bacteria in the air are also not uncommon in warehouses and this too must also be effectively combatted. Pollutants do not just damage your goods, they can also expose your employees to great risk. From a human point of view this is a disaster. And on top of that work colleagues can easily be affected by allergies, rendering them unable to work, which can of course become quite expensive for your company.

It all depends on the right combination!

For optimal storage we highly recommend the DH Profi dehumidifier. Example: The DH 15 AX industry dehumidifier is permanently and effectively in action for you and your products as a stationary device. Especially when you are loading moisture-sensitive goods, this device is an absolute must. Up to 22 litres dehumidification within 24 hours is a capacity that speaks for itself! With its dimensions – 360 x 817 x 320 mm – the DH 15 AX industrial dehumidifier is a compact powerhouse and is ideal for space-saving wall mounted use. A built-in hygrostat and thawing device are yet more features that you will benefit from.

A strong duo: Dehumidifiers and air purifiers – made by Trotec

Combine the stationary dehumidifier with a powerful and reliable air purifier from the Trotec TAC Series and this powerful duo effectively combats dust and pollutants. These mobile professional devices provide, a globally unique air flow control. In no time at all, dust, mould spores and bacteria in the air are no longer an issue in your warehouse or dispatch halls. Thanks to the unique Vario-shift-function they are flexible when switching the ventilator and HEPA unit. This means you can align the filter chain with your requirements at any time. With the TAC 5000 and the TAC 6500 a constant filter performance is also guaranteed through the intelligent, sensor-protected Flowmatic control!

Combine intelligently and upgrade your power plant. We will be happy to advise you and put together an optimal solution for your goods and shipping warehouse. Just give us a call!

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