Full-bodied coffee enjoyment

Secosan Stick

Do you like your coffee hot, full-bodied and premium in taste? Then rely completely on your own coffee-making skills! Be your own barista and brew the very best coffee in your own kitchen. You don’t need expensive fully automatic coffee machines, coffee pads or capsules for this. You merely need a manual filter made of porcelain, filter papers, freshly ground coffee beans and pure water.

That’s the only way to properly bring out the full-bodied aroma. A SecoSan stick from Trotec provides the best quality water for coffee.

Full-bodied coffee enjoyment

Of course, the type of coffee and its roast level play a significant role in the flavour of the coffee. But the question of coffee water quality is underestimated all too often. Everyone who has drunk coffee brewed with stagnant water in the coffee machine tank knows: The hot drink tastes insipid and stale. Any stagnant water can really deteriorate the aroma of even the best beans. So use fresh, pure water with every cup of coffee that you brew.

This is how easy it is to become your own barista

You do not have to make any expensive purchases in order to enjoy a good coffee under you own roof. You merely need a manual filter made of porcelain, which you can line with a coffee filter. Choose your favourite roast level and have it freshly ground. You can blanch the coffee powder with torrents of hot, clear water. The fresh water helps your coffee to fully develop its premium aroma. You have fresh, pure coffee water at hand when you keep tap water in a glass jug together with a SecoSan. This way, you are best prepared for when you are in the mood for a coffee.

This is how it works

The SecoSan stick is a small silver ion storage unit that acts against germs and bacteria. Depending on the quantity of water, the stick always releases the number of silver ions required to keep the water pure. No chemical additives are used for this. Your water therefore remains fresh and pure around the clock. Even if you leave it for several days or even for a number of weeks, it always tastes like clear spring water. In addition: A SecoSan stick is effective for half a year, even if you change the water in your coffee water reservoir every day!

Ensure pure water pleasure in your household today and secure a special offer. In our Trotec online shop, you can currently obtain the smallest design of the SecoSan stick, which reliably keeps up to 0.7 litres of water pure and germ-free, in a pack of three for just £ 8.16!

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