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TTK 171 ECO Dehumidifier

The new TTK 171 ECO industrial air dehumidifier is on its way – and its powerful! It impresses with performance data and an overall performance in a class of its own. And the best of all: thanks to our DEAL offer, the already good-value device is now really an economical budget solution for professionals in trades and industry. As ever, our motto is: save while you wait! Deliveries start in CW 05 …

As a professional, you can look forward to it already: with a powerful dehumidification performance of 52 litres per day, the TTK 171 ECO leaves nothing to be desired, at the same time it reliably keeps rooms up to 80 m² dry. Four additional clever features make the new dehumidifier a popular favourite on almost every building site: firstly, the hot air defrosting system that allows the device to work efficiently from a temperature of 5°. Secondly, difficult areas of terrain or stairs are no problem thanks to the handle bracket, the recessed grip and the large transport rollers. Thirdly, thanks to the rotary compressor, you can store the dehumidifier and transport it in any position – a great advantage! Finally, the TKK 171 ECO is equipped with an air hose connector for occasionally supplying dry air or for drying out small cavities.

This is how it works

The TTK 171 ECO is equipped with a hygrostat-controlled automatic mode, which allows you to preselect target values in percentages. The target value and current actual value, as well as all other functions, are shown on the low-maintenance control panel with digital display. Activation and deactivation times can be determined in advance using the timer function; in addition, these settings are retained even after power loss thanks to the integrated memory function.

Furthermore, the new dehumidifier includes a connection for externally draining the condensation for use during longer, unsupervised dehumidification – also with an optional pump if required. On top of that, the device can also be used for occasionally supplying dry air or drying out small cavities. Specifically for this purpose, the TTK 171 ECO is equipped with a special pressure fan, onto which an air hose can be fitted using adapter connectors – both of which are optionally available.

The removable water container and the easily accessible, easy to clean air filter are located under the robust metal housing, which can easily deal with all kinds of building site rigours – the perfect solution for professional construction drying!

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • Particularly economic solution for typical dehumidification usages in the industrial sector
  • The high dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • The air hose connector for occasional dry air supply or cavity drying
  • The robust steel construction

The super DEAL for a super dehumidifier!

You can get a top-class dehumidifier for such good value until the end of January: why not order the new TTR 171 E adsorption dehumidifier today for just £ 440.97 incl. VAT, reduced from  £ 273.66 – Available now in our Trotec shop!

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