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Trotec Floor Inlays

As a professional restoration and repair technician specialising in water damage, you know Trotec as your trusted partner – especially when it comes to your customers’ satisfaction. Our recommendation: if when drying an insulation layer, obstructive floor coverings such as tiles, natural stone floorings or parquet cannot be removed without damage and replacement tiles cannot be obtained, we recommend you use Trotec floor inlays, the perfect restoration alternative for you and your customers.

Of course, as a professional you know full well how customers who are stressed about water damage react to the news that insulation drying is necessary, with all the dirt, dust and noise pollution. And you could write a whole book about their reactions when it becomes apparent that damage to the floor covering is likewise unavoidable. In the worst case scenario it is good to have our restoration alternative on hand, the Trotec floor inlay – preferably in our sample case of course! You will find either a matching or contrasting floor inlay for almost every type of décor. Here, we are talking exclusively about quality products made by Trotec, which, thanks to their high quality, guarantee all floor coverings can be fully restored and fit for use.

This is how it works

Together with your customer you select an inlay design that will suit the floor covering and establish a harmonious design concept. In order to create a floor pattern that is as decorative as possible, you can also plan in extra flat drill holes – in addition to the deep drill holes down to the insulation level. After the insulation drying is complete, all deep drill holes are filled up to the same level as the flat drill holes. Finally, the floor inlays are stuck into the drill holes using the thin bed method in colours to suit the tiles.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • Cost reduction thanks to significant minimisation in restoration expense
  • Clear calculation of restoration costs in advance
  • Comprehensive selection of colours and designs
  • Rooms can be used again more quickly following restoration works

From floor inlays to accessories – we’ve thought of everything!

With original accessories from Trotec, you can process our floor inlays particularly quickly and professionally. Accessories include floor inlay sample case, duplex drill bit, wet floor-standing drill, mortising template as well as sealing discs  and sealing corks – available now in the Trotec shop!

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